Steve From The NELK Boys Gifts David Dobrik A Brand New Tesla Model Y

SteveWillDoIt is undoubtedly one of the most famous members of the NELK Boys collective. The content group rose to fame with their prank videos and later shifted to lifestyle videos.

However, Steve ‘SteveWillDoIt’ Deleonardis has crossed more than 4 Million subscribers on his individual YouTube channel making him the most popular member of the NELK Boys.

He has spoken about David Dobrik in the past and fans believe that the two were not on good terms with one another. But now, the assumed ‘beef’ or ‘fight’ between the content creators has been sorted after Steve gifted a Tesla Model Y to David Dobrik.

‘Beef’ Between The Two

David Dobrik is having the best days of his life following his return to America after being stranded in his home country due to visa issues.

In the past, SteveWillDoIt referred to David Dobrik as a “c*nt b*tch” and a “pu*sy” for doing “sponsored” giveaways.

Since then, the internet had assumed that David Dobrik and Steve were rivals. But in fact, nothing such was the case.

‘I Wanted To Squash The Beef’

When Steve met David, he said
“I kind of wanted to squash the beef because there’s actually no beef,” he said after meeting face-to-face. “The only interaction I ever had with [you] was actually a very pleasant one. I don’t want my fans to actually be mean to you.”

“I appreciate that. The beef is squashed,” replied David.

“I want to give you something because I know you give a bunch of things to people,” said Steve before escorting David Dobrik to the driveway to unveil the insane gift to him.

‘That’s The Model Y’

“That’s the Model Y,” Steve exclaimed. “You’ve got the Model X. You’ve got the Model 3. Now I want you to have a Model Y.”

David Dobrik was on top of the world with his new gift and the two content creators hugged one another, thereby squashing the ‘beef’.


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