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Sterling K. Brown wants Denzel Washington to play Randall’s relative

Sterling K. Brown who plays Randall on This Is Us, has expressed his desire for wanting Denzel Washington as a relative for his character.

This Is Us has had some major guest-stars on the show to make it even more heart-wrenching than it already is. Sterling K. Brown has Justin Hartley playing his brother, Seth Meyers who breaks up their fights and Pamela Adlon as his therapist on the show.

Although the show is coming towards an end and giving definition to each character’s story line, Sterling reveals his desire. He wants to cross paths with few actors whom he had in his mind for quite some time.

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Brown expressed his desire to have Bryan Cranston as well as Walter White as his relatives on the show. He thinks that would make it more amazing, “Bryan Cranston just came to mind,” Brown tells EW. “If Walter White could find his way into the Pearson universe, that would be something pretty incredible.”

Well, we are pretty sure it would be incredible. Talking more about his favourite people, Sterling said he loves Robert Downey Jr. He says Robert is his biggest acting crush and he has been watching a lot of The Good Fight. He mentions Delroy Lindo, Christine Baranski in his list of favourites as well. Sterling hopes they get to finish the season as satisfyingly as possible.

“My biggest acting crush is probably Robert Downey Jr.,” he continues. “I’m watching a lot of The Good Fight right now. I’m loving Delroy and everything that he does on that show. Baranski is absolutely wonderful. I hope they’re able to finish their season in a way that’s satisfying to its viewers because they had to stop. That’s really good.”

Although there is one actor in particular that stands above the rest of them for Sterling. Denzel Washington, who was Lindo’s co-star in Malcolm X, is someone Sterling wants to come on the show more than anybody. Sterling says if somehow his character was related to Washington and they get to do a scene together then his dreams will come true.

“Dream beyond dreams… If I was somehow related to Denzel Washington and we had a chance to have the epic scene of all scenes, I could then ascend to heaven a happy man,” he says.


Meanwhile, This Is Us has been keeping their viewers on edge as the finale of season 4 did not go down as well with the characters as we expected.

The Pearson family gathered together for Baby Jack’s birthday while the characters of Sterling and Justin are not looking eye-to-eye. It was a bone-chilling fight that we got to witness at the end. Fans cannot wait to figure out how will the next season begin and end.

Dan Fogelman, the creator of This Is Us, reveals that season 5 will reverberate the idea of a new life. He reveals that it is kind of a rebirth in the series as well as for the world amid the pandemic. Fogelman continued that the word ‘birth’ will play a huge part in the next season.

“I’m very excited about — especially with where the world is right now — the uplift and I would call it almost a rebirth that comes next season,” Fogelman said. “It’s kind of a rebirth and a lot of new beginnings. But particularly the word birth would be a big thematic part of next season.”

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