Stephen Curry Opens Up About the ‘Night Night’ Celebration in Warriors’ Finals Win Vs. Celtics

Stephen Curry knew the game was over when he slammed the “Night Night” celebration late in their Game 6 victory against the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. And the star of the Golden State Warriors had a fantastic moment.

Curry talked candidly in a recent interview with Boardroom’s Nick DePaula about his “Night Night” celebration during the 2022 playoffs. Along with explaining how it began, he also described his experience using it against the Celtics in their final contest for the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Curry couldn’t contain his excitement as he remembered the occasion and how it felt to do his postseason signature sign.

“It felt the best. The way that game went, it was an emotional rollercoaster. They came out just hitting every shot, and they were up double digits in the first four minutes. We slowly just crept back and then went on that 21-nothing run. When we came out in the third quarter, everyone was feeling it. Let’s just step on their throats, right now,” Curry shared, adding that he also did the “ring in the finger” celebration early on.

“We came out hot and got the lead up crazy. I went wilin’ out, with the “ring on the finger” celebration, really early in the third quarter.”

With only a little more than three minutes left in the game, Stephen Curry made the “Night Night” sign. As he put it, the game was essentially over at that moment after his triple gave the Warriors a 15-point advantage. He was aware of it as well, and his action was intended to send a message to his comrades.

“Every possession feels like an eternity. I hit that 3, and it was more so to let my team know, ‘We’re here. And we got the job done,’” Curry added.

For Curry and the Warriors, it was undoubtedly a memory to cherish, but not so much for the Celtics.


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