Stars of The Witcher Season 2 Tease Ciri’s Much Larger and Physically Challenging Role

Freya Allan, who plays Ciri in The Witcher, has revealed that Ciri will play a bigger, more muscular role in season 2 of the show.

Season 2 of the fantasy epic is expected to be one of Netflix’s most profitable series ever. The Witcher stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, with Allan as Ciri, the young princess, and Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg, the sorceress.

Ciri’s Physically Challenging Role

The Witcher is based on Polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski’s long-running series of novels. Season 1 follows a non-linear plot based on Geralt and Ciri’s experiences as they find themselves destined to meet, with Geralt eventually taking the princess under his wing.

The Witcher season 2 will reportedly be more traditional now that the characters have been reunited, forsaking the (often confusing) time-jumping features in favor of a linear plot that more closely reflects the books and Witcher video game. The Witcher season 2 will have a more book-accurate Geralt, according to Cavill.

Allan has now revealed Ciri’s position in The Witcher Season 2 in an interview with HeyUGuys. Allan reacted to the first season’s portrayal of her role, joking that she was largely “racing away through the woods.” Ciri will be seen in more action in season 2, according to the actress, who says her job forced her to complete physical training. Check out her comments below:

“[In] season 1, [Ciri] was just running away through woods all the bloody time! And then in this season, I got given far more scenes – dialogue – to play with, not even just dialogue. Scenes with a lot to process, which was so much fun. Then also the physical element of training and everything so I’ve been waiting for this for a whole season, so, it was amazing.”

Season 2 will focus on Geralt and Ciri’s developing romance now that the show’s characters have been reunited following the conclusion of The Witcher season 1.

Ciri’s increased and, by the sounds of it, more fleshed-out role in The Witcher season 2 will pique fans’ interest. Allan’s hint that the character may have some action scenes will pique the interest of fans anxious to see how Geralt’s training has altered her talents. Cavill’s role will be expanded in The Witcher season 2, with the actor previously stating that he wants to inject some of his own personality and humor into the character.


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