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Sophie Turner Mocks Donald Trump For Calling Europe A Country

Sophie Turner mocked Donald Trump as he made an error during his final presidential debate with Joe Biden. As the debate is still doing the rounds on the internet with many people expressing their opinion, Game of Thrones star also joined in.

The actress took to her social media handle and expressed how funny she found Trump referring to Europe as a country. The debate was held at Curb Event Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

This marked as the final debate between Trump and Biden before the elections on November 3. Sophie was one of the many celebrities who mocked Trump for his mistakes. She was quick to share her feelings about the candidate. The actress posted a photo of her smiling widely as she captioned it with: “He called Europe a ‘Country’”.

The presidential candidate was discussing his administration and; how he had been working with other countries in finding a way to control the coronavirus pandemic. He said, “We also have others that we’re working on very closely with, other countries, in particular Europe.”

The claim was even more comical because of the authority with which Trump made the claim. This only made matters worse for him as numbers of people came out with Sophie on Twitter to share what they had just heard.

One viewer wrote: “Who’s gonna tell @realDonaldTrump that Europe isn’t a country?” Another tweeted: “Started the debate from the beginning and Donald Trump just referred to Europe as a country [laughing emoji] if it wasn’t real life it would be absolutely hilarious.”

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Celebrities Encourage Fans To Vote

Sophie has previously mocked Trump for encouraging people to drink bleach to cure coronavirus claiming he himself has done the same. This led to a lot of deaths as well. The actress called the presidential candidate a “moron” and advised fans to not listen to Trump.

Trump made another error and confused viewers as he claimed that New York City is a “ghost town”. He tweeted this before going for the final presidential debate. Trump had been pushing businesses to open up amid the coronavirus pandemic. He said that his home town was deserted because of the virus. This raised a lot of confusion.

Many celebrities called out Trump for being a liar as he said during the debate that he is the least racist person in the room. Mark Ruffalo called him a liar and tweeted how he has propagated racism more than anyone else.

Celebrities have constantly encouraging fans to register and vote. They used their large platform for telling fans to vote and make a difference. Selena Gomez, Sophie Turner, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, etc are few celebrities who keep encouraging fans time and again to cast their vote; as they remind them that change is in our hands.

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