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Sonu Sood & Neeti Goel: Messiahs For Migrants

An individual who is evident enough and proved to be a real-life legend for hundreds of people, especially migrant workers during the national lockdown is ‘Sonu Sood & Neeti Goel’.

Whether it is about making donations to various charities, or providing a Juhu based hotel to medical frontliners or taking care of 25,000 migrants during Ramdan, actor Sonu Sood and restaurateur Neeti Goel has been relentlessly working towards aiding those people who are deprived during the COVID-19 global pandemic. On 12th May, artist Sonu Sood along with restaurateur, Neeti Goel orchestrated 10 bus transportations for migrant workers so that they could get back to their home and families. Both of them managed to arrange 35 busses till now for migrant workers.

Talking about this challenging journey, Sood says, “The initial step was to persuade the migrant laborers to quit strolling and ensured them that we are here to help them out. Accordingly, we provided them with meals and shelter until every single important approval is approved to send them back home”.

When means of transportation started gearing up, Sonu Sood  an Neeti Goel synchronized with the Government of Maharashtra, police, and government of different regions, looking for approval to send these migrants back to their home. It was likewise necessary to make sure that these laborers do not belong to Red Zones, and their health tests were done as well.

During their entire journey, a 2-time meal along with refreshments was likewise crated, shares Sonu Sood and Neeti Goel, who intends to send 10 buses transportation to various regions every few days. The next stop on his rundown is Bihar, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Jharkhand, and Odisha. Although these initial arrangements of buses left, Sonu Sood and Neeti Goel have been receiving almost 100 calls per day, hence they are considering helping some of these laborers sending back home through trains too.

In one of her statements Neeti Goel said that she is tormented by the difficulty of the laborers who can’t return home inferable to the national lockdown forced to fight the global pandemic COVID-19.

“I cannot see anyone starving or sleeping empty stomach while here we all are busy cooking and baking sweets and cakes at home. There is a spot known as ‘Kalwa Chowk’ in Navi Mumbai that numerous migrant laborers have been passing day by day. Early in the morning, our trucks loaded up with leafy vegetables, fruits and refreshments arrive at the spot for these migrants,” he uncovers.

Due to their kindness and good deeds, Sonu and Neeti admire all the endowments and love poured on him. On a sentimental note, Sood shares, “I came to Bombay with only Rs. 5,500 in hand, but today I can say that I have sufficiently earned. My mom would state ‘Life is a process of giving’. If I cannot give back to others, then this will not be a decently good life I am driving. Pondering what these individuals are experiencing regularly while I’m in the solaces of my home, my nights get sleepless”.

They also added, “It has been a sentimental passage for us as our heart torments to see these migrant workers staying apart from their families while strolling on streets. We will keep on helping these migrants reach their homes until the last worker reaches home and reunite with his loved ones and family. This is something truly close to me and we will give it our everything.


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