Skye Drynan’s House of Skye is Changing the Women’s Intimates Industry with SexyBack Bra News

Skye Drynan’s House of Skye is Changing the Women’s Intimates Industry with SexyBack Bra

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Time icon March 24, 2021

Women’s intimates have been around for hundreds of years, yet it seems that no brand has been able to solve the puzzle of aligning high-fashion and functionality when it comes to bras. Skye Drynan has found immense success in the biotech industry on Wall St., and is looking to apply her entrepreneurial savvy and feminine knowledge to absolve this issue forever. She has created the SexyBack Bra from her House of Skye Brand to be the seamless and sexy solution for years to come.

The chic SexyBack Bra has 22 tabs, allowing a wearer to customize the bra to tailor fit a woman’s desired flavor, and look for the night. Often times finding a glamorous dress for a special night can be exciting, especially when a woman keys in on what she is looking for. However, finding a versatile bra to complement the dress can be quite the process. SexyBack Bra offers an easy solution by offering a versatile bra that goes great with any dress. From strappy, backless, strapless, halter, and open-back, the SexyBack Bra goes perfectly with even the boldest dresses, or styles.

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Skye Drynan wants to help all women widen their captivating look, as well as their enthralling flair that comes with the unique outfit for the night. She underscores the difficulty women face in finding such a bra, by placing importance on a solution for high-fashion and high-functionality. The SexyBack Bra by House of Skye is the answer women have been searching for.

The SexyBack Bra is newly launched on House of Skye. SexyBack Bra has over five patents in over 88 countries, establishing its superiority, at the same time redefining the culture of women’s bras. Drynan’s unparalleled work ethic propelled her from waiting tables, to a prosperous career on Wall St., where she later financed numerous breakthroughs in the medical field. Such commitment to her craft and innovation through process is the linchpin of House of Skye and SexyBack Bra.

Drynan’s versatility as an investor and biotech wizard is reflected in the SexyBack Bra, finding the perfect solution for women struggling to combine high-fashion, with a bra that can be equally supplemented with high-functionality. Drynan has infused her love for luxury, versatility, and functionality into the SexyBack Bra, a cutting-edge bra that is sure to be the staple of the House of Skye Brand for years to come.To learn more about Skye Drynan, check out her Instagram @SkyeDrynan. To learn more about House of Skye’s new SexyBack Bra, please visit their website or visit their shop on Amazon

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