SKKN By Kim’s Official Luxurious Office Tour By Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian likes to keep it sophisticated may it be her style or her brand’s office. This year, Kim introduced her very new skincare line with great brand aesthetics. SKKN by Kim was launched in June, this year. Following her SKIMs wear color palette, SKNN by Kim has tones like beige, grey, and greige.

Kim announced the brand on her Instagram handle while introducing its collection. The campaign photos featured her as a muse, also the 9-piece kit image was posted. The brand sells skin care products for all kinds of skin types, tones, and textures. As Kim likes to keep simple yet classy, she went for product packaging which is kind of stone-like and is in a very unique shape.

What’s inside the SKKN By Kim Headquarters?

On 12th August, The SKIMS owner posted a video of an official office tour of SKKN by Kim. The video was about giving a sneak peek of her office where all her brand magic happens. In her video, it was revealed that the office was decorated by Tommy and Waldo. The lavish furniture setup was done by Rick Owen’s Michelle. Without any further a due let’s get straight into the office tour and what all it has.

1. Amphitheatre Room

Kim considered this room to be one of her favorites. The room had big screens and a cozy area. The amphitheater had high ceilings and a comfortable bed setting for people to just sit there and watch something on big screens. She wanted this area for her kids to watch movies and stay entertained. Also for herself for doing presentations or to watch things on big screens.

2. Kitchen Area

The kitchen area had Vanessa Beecroft art (an Italian artist have worked with Kim for the SKIMS campaign ) everywhere. Kim’s idea for the kitchen was always to have a big open workspace so that people can chill and hang out there. Also, she says it’s the “most used room” in her office. The tables in the kitchen were by Donald Judd. She revealed they have most events in this space.

3. Sitting area

Further, a cute and cozy waiting area for everyone. The area had all those books which inspires Kim. She gave some sneak peek at books, there was one of Marilyn Monroe which Kris Jenner gifted her after the Met Gala. Also, there are Japanese-style books and random furniture images books.

4. Glam room

This room is the highlight of the office tour as all the photoshoots for the brand that the audience sees on the internet, are done here. The glam room was quite spacious with clothing racks, mirrors, and too many lights and chairs all according to the brand aesthetics. It had a chill sitting area and separate dressing tables for models.

5. Photo studio

SKIMS & SKKN by Kim’s all content and photoshoots take place in this room. Kim says she is blessed to have this studio in her headquarters, it feels like home to her.

6. Kim’s Glam Room

The room had a chill couch, where Kim just sits and watch tv in her free time. She does a paint shoot sometimes and also she shared a fun bathroom story. Keeping in mind the busy life of a star, she has a chair outside the bathroom. So that someone can easily talk to her, asks questions, or let her choose a SKIMS sample, while she is in the shower. This sums up Kim Kardashian’s life is not easy.

7. Showroom

Kim reveals that she always wanted the showroom to be a blend of her two brands i.e SKIMS & SKKN. The showroom was quite organized, also it had robes from SKKN. Moving on to the SKIMS section, she showed the swim wears which her friends wanted as it’s out of stock. She joked about not trying to think to get in, as the room has 24 hours security.

8. Receptionist Room

As said above by Kim, she loves Rick Owens furniture. She had a table and a marble bench of the brand. Her waiting area is inspired by her mom “Kris Jenner”. The waiting room had all Kim magazines, it was also revealed that even Kylie’s office has such a waiting room with her own magazines.

9. Conference Room

As classy as every room is, this room too has some kind of magic. When Kim Kardashian herself enters the room, all lights get on by themselves. The room has Rick Owen’s Alabaster conference table and Jeanneret chairs.

10. Personal Cabin

The room’s walls are decorated with every Kim Kardashian cover she had done till today. The conference room is joined by her personal cabin room where she has all her inspirational stuff, quotes box, books, and product designs. Kim says she loves packaging and getting some new ideas for it through inspiration. She also showed some scratch samples of products that didn’t make it to the final output.

11. Personal Offices For Employees & Product Room

Kim reveals, that in her headquarters there are a lot of personal offices, where her employees work and it matches to the brand aesthetics. She gave a glimpse of a product room where the supply things take place and where all the bulk-produced products are kept. Also a little kitchen for the people who work there.

12. A Big Space For Employees To Work

Kim believes in having a chill environment at work. This room had a couple of tables and chairs where her employees work. Also in this room, the wall was filled with more of Kim Kardashian’s cover photo shoot frames. She also narrated a little one-liner or a story behind some cover shoot.

You can watch her office tour vlog, here.

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