Sister Wives: Kody & Christine Reveals Relationship Struggles Amid COVID-19

Latest from the set of Sister Wives: Christine Brown and Kody Brown was in the midst of spending six weeks apart. Christine was in New Jersey for her daughter, Ysabel Brown’s, back surgery. However, Kody chose not to make the trip due to a pandemic. This tragic point came right after their marriage issues.

“Kody and I are in a tough spot right now,” Christine admitted. “I don’t mind getting away for a while, but it will still be there when I get back. But I don’t mind putting it on hold for a bit”. In general, Kody and Christine weren’t seeing eye-to-eye with their views on COVID. While he wanted to keep up with strict precautions, she was doing some traveling, and it had begun to take a toll on their relationship. Also Read: Erika Casupanan: Know About The ‘Survivor’ S41 Winner

“Christine’s given me an ultimatum either she’s not going to conform to rules at all, or we have to do it in a way that’s going to get the whole family together”. Kody explained to Janelle Brown. “So it’s either the whole family or nothing with Christine. That’s the life she wants. It makes me realize that in a plural marriage…I just don’t matter. Because Christine’s fine with just, ‘You do what you want. You do you, I’m going to do me’.

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Sister Wives

About The Show: Sister Wives

Sister Wives, the reality television series that premiered in 2010, follows the relationships, families, and ups and downs of Kody Brown and his four wives. Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown. Three of these marriages are spiritual unions. Indeed Kody was legally married to Meri between 1990-2014. Until they divorced so that Kody could legally marry Robyn and therefore adopt her three children. Likewise, Kody has been spiritually married to Janelle since 1993. He has been spiritually married to Christine since 1994.

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