Shroud’s Power Supply Explodes On Live Twitch Stream

Shroud is well-known for his Twitch streams where he plays games like GTA, New World, and Counter Strike.

The gamer recently revealed the reason why PUBG made him quit Counter Strike. However, as streamers on Twitch jump to playing the New World Game, Shroud did it too.

In his recent New World stream, the streamer experienced a major technical hiccup when the power supply literally exploded. Fans were left stranded as Shroud’s Twitch stream was disconnected midway.

Twitch Stream Outage

The gamer was six hours into playing New World and grinding through the various levels when the mishap took place. It is commonplace for Twitch streamers to experience outages but this was a bit too extreme.

When a streamer abruptly gets disconnected from the stream, it is assumed that there was a Wi-fi issue or if not, a wire might have slipped out of place and they would be back online very soon. However, in Shroud’s came it took a while before the streamer returned to his Twitch stream.

‘It Scared The Sh*t Out Of Me’

“That was f**king crazy. I have never had a UPS explode like that before, that was crazy, that was cool,” he said, which caught his pals by surprise. “It scared the s**t out of me but it was cool.”

After being back up temporarily and sharing his experience, Shroud’s Twitch stream cut off again after a few minutes thereby ending his quota for the day.

Fans expect Shroud to get the whole issue fixed and get back to streaming as usual as soon as possible.

The gamer has also talked about the best all-round weapon in New World Multiplayer game. It is certainly not the regular Axe or Sword but something else.

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