Shonda Rhimes Posts A Rare Pic Of Daughter Harper

The mega TV producer who likes to keep her personal life very private has recently shared a rare picture. Shonda Rhimes posted a rare, yet hilarious picture of her eldest daughter, Harper on social media. While sharing the picture on Thanksgiving, Shonda called the teen for being ‘corny’.

Sharing a picture on social came as a surprise for fans because she keeps her life very personal. Rhime took to  Instagram the day after Thanksgiving to share an adorable pic of 19-year-old daughter Harper.

In the photo above, the teenager is all smiling an lifting her corn-on-the-hat upon her head. “The oldest decided to be ‘corny’ for #Thanksgiving…” while the Grey’s Anatomy maker captioned the silly post.

Shonda Rhimes is one of the women, who is very successful in television media and inspire the next generation. . Luckily for us, Shonda has been open with her creativity, advice and aims to inspire the next generation. She has been a great writer too. However, she has wrote seven TV series including ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. Also the creator of 5 TV series which also includes ‘Seattle Grace: On Call’ and ‘Seattle Grace: Message of Hope’.

The festive-holiday season appears to be having an effect on Shonda. Though she was in the mood to post a snap of Harper a few days before Thanksgiving as well! Rocking blonde braids and a colorful camouflage hat, Harper was the picture of bliss. “Thankful every day to this beautiful original soul for sending me on my best journey: MOTHERHOOD”, Shonda wrote alongside the photo, below. Also Read: Britney Spears Dresses In A Fictional Bloody Murder Mystery Narrative

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