NELK Boys Kicked Out On The First Day Of Their 4-Day Bahamas Cruise Trip

Famous and elite YouTube content collective NELK Boys are always in the news for one reason or the other. Most recently, the NELK Boys have revealed that they were kicked out from the 4-day Bahamas Cruise that they were on. And the most unfortunate part? It was just their 1st day when they got kicked out from the cruise.

NELK Boys rose to fame with their funny prank videos in which the crew was seen playing pranks on the public. However, their content gradually shifted more towards general topics and lifestyle relate videos.

The team has also opened applications for the first ever ‘Nelk Girl’ to join their group. However, fan reactions were a major concern. The fans of the all-boys crew did not seem impressed with their decision to add a female member to the gang.

“For the love of God don’t do this,” commented one user, while another thinks it as “the downfall of NELK.”

‘Only Took 1 Night’

Coming to the main story, the content collective took to Instagram and shared a picture of them getting kicked out from the Bahamas cruise The caption read “Just got kicked off a cruise ship.. only took 1 night [laughing emoticon]”.

The Instagram video that the group shared shows NELK Boys being escorted off the cruise by the security personnel on board, as well as some angry people berating them before being kicked off.

Why Were They Kicked Out?

The exact reason as to why the NELK Boys cohort was kicked out is not known. They haven’t shared it on their Instagram as well.

However, it is only a matter of time when the reason behind them being banished from the Cruise would be revealed, supposedly in an upcoming YouTube video.

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