SHOCKING! New York state has the most number of confirmed coronavirus cases than any other country

The novel coronavirus seems to have no stopping. The entire world is on a standstill due to the rapid spread of the deadly virus. The news is that New York state has now more confirmed cases of COVID-19 than any other country outside the United States. The data from Johns Hopkins University revealed the latest figures and is quite shocking. The state has got around 161,807 confirmed cases which are more than Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

From all the countries of the world, the United States of America tops the list with more than 466,000 positive cases. It is shocking to see New York state alone beating many other countries in terms of confirmed cases. However, Italy has reported the maximum number of deaths taking the count to 18,849 followed by the USA with having 17,842 deaths. According to the latest tallies, the death toll in Spain and France is 15,970 and 12,210 respectively.

China, where the deadly virus has originated from has 81,907 confirmed cases. According to a report, the U.S intelligence community claimed that the Chinese government has deliberately underreported its coronavirus figures. However, China later denied the reports and called it a “despicable attempt to put political interests above human life.”

The New York City mayor Bill de Blasio earlier revealed that the city’s public cemetery might be used for burials. Looking at the rising cases of COVID-19 in the States is not just a good sign but also very scary. On a global level, the confirmed cases of coronavirus have reached 1.6 million with 100,376 deaths.