Seventeen & Mingyu Trend For Being Supportive Besties To Woozi & Wonho At AAA 2021

Seventeen & Mingyu Trend For Being Supportive Besties To Woozi & Wonho At AAA 2021

Fans enjoy year-end award ceremonies and music festivals because they get to observe interactions amongst their favourite musicians in addition to seeing heroes receive prizes. This is why Seventeen and Mingyu’s performance at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards; also known as the AAA, has gone viral. While a live audience was not permitted, the social distancing rules were relaxed, enabling nominees and performers to sit in the audience rather than waiting in backstage areas.

We were able to watch the musicians connecting and supporting one another throughout their acceptance speeches as a result of this. Since Seventeen is known for being gregarious and sociable with other groups like Monsta X, GOT7; and Astro, Carats (Seventeen’s fandom) had the time of their lives. So, when Wonho, Woozi, and Astro won at the AAA 2021 award night; we got some unforgettable images from Seventeen clapping for their buddies.

Seventeen had a memorable night, winning the major prize (bonsang) for the ‘AAA Fabulous Award’; and the grand prize (daesang) for ‘Singer of the Year’. We also had member Woozi win a solo prize alongside them. Seventeen is known for producing its own music, and Woozi is one of the producers that has made a significant contribution to their career.

As a result, when he took the stage to accept the ‘AAA for Best Producer,’ Seventeen cheered him enthusiastically. Fans also appreciated how Mingyu was acting like a stage mom by whipping out his phone and recording and photographing Woozi on stage. Some admirers spotted Seungkwan doing the same thing, which they thought was cute.

Fans Were Moved When Mingyu & Rest of Seventeen Rose

Following the entertaining episode, we witnessed something similar happen again when Wonho and Astro were victorious. Wonho won ‘AAA’s Best Musician – Solo,’ and Astro won ‘AAA’s Best Musician – Group,’ and both artists were called to the stage. We had NU’EST, Seventeen, and especially Hoshi screaming loudly when they were speaking.

Fans were also moved when Mingyu and the rest of Seventeen rose to their feet with a pleased face after Wonho was declared the winner. Wonho also thanked Seventeen for his support and encouragement in his address. The night was made even more memorable by the fact that it was Wonho’s first award ceremony; and first prize as a solo artist since quitting his former group Monsta X.

Fans made all kinds of memes as they couldn’t get over the interactions. They made tweets like, “Hoshi supporting wonho and astro with “WAAAAAA” lol Svt making the award show more enjoyable,”; “I bet hoshi screamed his lungs out upon seeing wonho in this fit,”; “SEVENTEEN & NUEST CHEERING FOR WONHO (we can literally hear hoshi screaming/fanboying).” 

Carats hyped up Mingyu supporting Woozi with posts like; “Mingyu is your supportive bestie yes we love to see woozi best producer !!” “Mingyu and seungkwan taking pics of woozi when he received best producer award ㅠㅠㅠㅠsvt fansite line working hard today too.” 

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