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Seth Rollins Reacts To Bayley’s Personal Jab Against Becky Lynch During WWE RAW

On WWE RAW program, the women shared the ring. The role model was frank in stating that Lynch’s pregnancy with the couple’s daughter, Roux, was the only reason Rollins married Lynch. Following the RAW happenings, Seth Rollins tweeted his response. Indicating that he doesn’t want to get involved in Bayley and Becky Lynch’s issues, he uploaded a GIF.

Bayley’s personal attack on Becky Lynch on RAW went viral on Twitter. WWE fans responded to Rollins’ tweet in a number of funny ways.Bayley and Seth Rollins are close friends in real life. Previously, when Bayley was hurt, she only had positive things to say about Rollins. The role model gushed about him, saying how much she missed him. Rollins regards Bayley with the utmost respect.

Bayley was the Performance Center weekly WWE events’ MVP in 2020. During the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, she briefly held SmackDown on her shoulders. Rollins’ response to the same was significant praise for her: “Given Becky’s absence and the fact that the women’s division is currently vacant, I don’t believe it’s a secret that Bayley and Sasha [Banks] have done everything in their power to fill in.

Bayley and Sasha

Although Asuka has also come up, I think Bayley and Sasha have been outstanding. They’ve done their best to fill that vacuum and have been working incredibly hard as Tag Team Champions and now RAW and SmackDown Champions.” On next week’s episode of WWE RAW, Becky Lynch will wrestle Bayley inside a steel cage. After what happened tonight, The Man won’t be holding back in the slightest. It appears that Rollins will be paying close attention to the match as well.

Wrestling fans were delighted by Becky Lynch’s convincing portrayal of Cyndi Lauper on “Young Rock” this season, and today “The Man” revealed via Twitter that she would be appearing in the network series once more as the iconic singer from the 1980s. With the caption “She’s baaaaack,” Lynch included a video of herself dressing and changing into Lauper. 

“It’s a pleasure to be back on set with the incredible #YoungRock cast and crew as they interpret the legendary Cyndi Lauper. Lynch made his “Young Rock” Season 3 debut as Lauper in the opening episode, which focused on a younger Dwyane Johnson’s days experiencing the “Rock N’ Wrestling” era right around the first WrestleMania. Lynch credited her dialect coach for the hot tag in that department.

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