Season 2 of Emily in Paris pokes fun at the city’s ridiculous fashion

Emily Cooper’s often ridiculous fashion choices are ridiculed in season 2 of Emily In Paris.

From her capacity to make friends on every corner to her general obliviousness to clear social cues, audiences found enough to mock Emily In Paris and its titular character, played by Lily Collins, once it premiered in October 2020.

This transformed Emily In Paris into a fan-favorite hate-watch, and many feared that the second season would repeat the same mistakes as the first.

Season 2 Makes Fun Of Its Ridiculous Fashion

Emily In Paris Season 2 begins up immediately after the events of Season 1, with Emily is still torn between her one-night stand with Gabriel and his decision to stay in Paris. While she appears to be on top of her game at Savoir, her personal life is a mess as she juggles her feelings for Gabriel with Camille’s loyalty.

Emily eventually meets Alfie, a London transplant in Paris for work, in her French class, but their relationship is rocky at first. Alfie’s dislike for being in Paris and for his new partner is obvious, yet their budding romance sidelines one of Emily In Paris season 2’s most important plotline while also allowing the show to ridicule itself.

Emily and Alfie are given an assignment in French class to interview each other and inform the class about their partner. While Emily takes this project seriously, giving a simple presentation of Alfie’s life, Alfie uses his presentation to rib Emily. “Emily wears crazy clothes,” Alfie tells the class in French, eliciting cheers from her friends. While the line appears to be a joke, Emily takes it seriously, demonstrating the character’s sometimes painful earnestness while still laughing at her.

While Emily In Paris season 2 improves on certain aspects and changes others, Emily’s attire stays constant, which appears to be the goal. Emily’s bright and colorful clothing is utilized to emphasize her Americanness, especially when compared to her French rivals’ more classic and polished clothing. Emily’s dedication is what makes it work, but it’s apparent she’s no Carrie Bradshaw—and the show is well aware of this. Emily In Paris season 2 not only makes light of Emily’s fashion, but it also finds new methods to poke fun at the show’s concept.

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