Scarlet Witch & Nightcrawler's Daughter Was Too Powerful For The X-Men

Scarlet Witch & Nightcrawler’s Daughter Was Too Powerful For The X-Men

While Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch are rarely seen together in X-Men comics, there was a time when they did have a kid together, a daughter who was far too powerful for the Marvel X-Men. While their daughter, Talia Wagner, AKA Nocturne, would have been too much for any earthbound X-Men squad, she was a great fit for the Exiles, a multiverse-based version of the X-Men.

The Exiles exist outside of a single world and can travel to any location in the multiverse where they are needed. Nocturne was able to show off her extraordinary abilities when she joined the Exiles with a future version of her father.

In Jim Calafiore, Eric Cannon, and Dave Sharpe’s comic Exiles #41, Nocturne is fully able to flourish. The Exiles are facing Apocalypse in this issue, who is threatening to take over the globe with his well-known superior strength and intellect.

Not only is Nocturne a key player in the struggle against the potentially world-ending villain, but she also serves as the issue’s narrator, providing readers more insight into her character while also demonstrating her extraordinary abilities.

Nocturne has the same physical look as her father, Nightcrawler, and a sarcastic disposition. Reading issues in which she is more heavily featured reveal her likeability, and as Nocturne demonstrates her power set, she quickly becomes a fan-favorite alt-universe character.

The character possesses elements of both of her parents’ abilities while putting her own twist on them. Talia Wagner possesses enhanced agility, reflexes, night vision, and suction, however, these are minor skills in comparison to her other abilities. Telepathy, psychic shielding, and the ability to possess humans for up to 12 hours are all available to Nocturne.

Nocturne’s ability to make Brimstone “Hex Bolts,” which are balls of energy she takes from the Brimstone Dimension, a dimension through which Nightcrawler teleports, is where her parents’ powers come into play.

Nocturne’s remarkable abilities lead her to join a team that goes beyond the X- Men’s usual sphere of earthbound enemies. Nocturne joined the Exiles with some of the most accomplished fighters and powerful brutes from across the multiverse, including Armageddon, the son of Apocalypse. He possesses the powers of both X-Men heroes being the offspring of Apocalypse and Jean Grey.

The Exiles can more than manage the task of becoming multiversal heroes between Armageddon and Nocturne, as they have members that are simply too powerful for one reality alone.

Nocturne has shown to be too powerful for the X-Men, from the Brimstone “Hex Bolts” to possession and immunity to telepathic attacks. It’s not because she sought to join and was turned down; rather, Nocturne’s powers are better suited to safeguarding people on a broader scale, which meant joining the Exiles for her. Nocturne, the daughter of Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler, is too powerful for the X-Men but just powerful enough for the Exiles, a multiversal superhero team.

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