Sang E Mah: Why Episode 8 Is Important? Atif Aslam, Hania, Noman Ijaz

Hum Tv drama– Sang E Mah has all right reason to be talked about. Indeed, the drama is going on with soothing pace with perfect blend of all actors including- Atif Aslam, Hania Amir, Noman Ejaz in specific last episode aired.

However, Sang E Mah begins on a strong note and even ends stronger. There is a lot intrigue when it comes to the drama story as well as the characters. Likewise, the director has done a fabulous job on his part. Keeping that mysterious vibe alive for all that 40 minutes episode. Despite knowing these characters somewhat, you just want to learn more about them.

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There are also so many subliminal hints & messages related to the characters that actually make you think about them as the episode progresses. As per the story told by Zarsanga to Shehrzaad suggest that Hilmand actually had a good relationship with Marjan all his life. About 2 years ago things changed between them. This hints to the audience that Hilmand played by Atif Aslam realized that Marjan had only killed his father.

The drama Sang E Mah is making the story and characters interesting and emotion too. Sania Saeed is definitely the star of the episode. Hania Amir’s performance was spell-binding. She actually makes you feel for Gulmeena. Also she kept it natural that adds more depth to her performance.

Kubra Khan has done justice to the character of Shehrzaad & has given such a measured performance as a journalist on her own journey that you automatically warm up to her. Noman Ejaz is another star of this drama, the way he has worked on his looks in both the past as well as the present scenes is commendable. Sang e Mah is a brilliantly written drama & the story is being told equally well. Props to the entire team.

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