Sana Javed Vs Makeup Artists: Read The Full Story Here

Lollywood actress and model Sana Javed is making headlines since past few days for her not so good behavior with makeup artists and models. The Pakistani actress is facing backlash from her peers in the Lollywood industry. Artists are calling her ‘unprofessional’.

Khaani famed actress is in major trouble now a days as more and more celebrities and makeup artists uniting agianst her and taking the issue to social media. Many artists including Manal Saleem, Umayr Waqar, Rhyan Thomas, Ikram Gohar and many other coming up against Sana Javed. They are sharing the stories of their ugly interaction with the model turned actress.

Manal Saleem Started This off

After model Manal Saleem, took to Instagram and said that the Aye Musht-E-Khaak lead called her ‘do takay ki model’. Though Saleem hadn’t named Javed directly in her post. Makeup artists Ikram Gohar and Rhyan Thomas were quick to ‘recognise’ who the model was referring to. Gohar and Thomas reposted Saleem’s story, tagging Sana Javed. Saleem’s story has opened a can of worms as more and more people from the industry are taking to Instagram to share their experiences.

Wajid Khan MUA Also Speak Up Against Sana Javed

Lollywood sStylist Wajid Khan and actor Mahnoor Sheikh talked about their experiences of working with the actress. While Wajid wrote that he decided to speak up because it has been a ‘recurring’ issue. Mahnoor said how Javed had created ruckus over sharing a makeup van.

Wajid said, ” I am not too surprised to hear about Sana Javed as this has been a recurring issue for evenyone who has worked with her. My brand was signed as the makeup artist for a project and when I was doing her make-up, I suggested her some ideas to enhance her look on screen as I have worked with big screen actresses in Pakistan, US and in India. She had the audacity to go to Producers and said that “wajid toh meri buraiyya kar raha hai and I am not comfortable working with him’. So I was asked to step back from the project because she made them do so”

Mostly, the make up artists have seen the worst behavior of the actress. Make up Artist Ikram Gohar have come up with a detailed story about Sana Javed who maltreated him at her home.

Ikram Gohar & Thomas Too Had A Story

The Pakistani makeup artist Ikram Gohar told his part of story via social media post on Instagram. He said: yesterday our one of the best fashion model and a very respectable and sweet person who is such a professional and mannerable @manal_slm. Posted a story about @sanajaved.official bad behavior n called her 2 takkay ki model.

We are not… you should be ban in this industry, alhamdulillah we are very professional and respectful and hard worker people. We all are equal n have respect and i know how to do work Alhamdulillah. I know how to do makeup because this is my profession and alhamdulillah I love my work and i am working in this industry since 12 years.

Ikram mentioned other Pakistani actresses Mehwish Hayat, Kubra Khan and Mahira Khan as humbled, sweet but wish not to work with Sana Javed ever again. Read the ull post here.

MUA Thomas shared an Instagram black post that included three slides story. Thomas added that he also faced a terrible experience with Sana Javed. Thomas then added that Sana Javed and Sadaf Kanwal called him in Dubai once, to get ready from him at PISA, he managed his time for the two but ended up being hostage by the Khaani actress, who first took bath, then she went down to the lobby and had a session with friends, he further said that when they came back, she held his phone and kept on giving him tough time. He said that Sadaf Kanwal on the other hand got her make up done by herself. Thomas said that Sana didn’t even thank him and blamed him that he was responsible of her late make up. Here is Thomas’ post.

Sana Javed Took A Legal Action

Sana Javed | Instagram
Sana Javed | Instagram

Meanwhile, actress Sana Javed shared an Instagram post. that a smear campaign has been initiated against her by some individuals. She wrote that she does not wish to give her side of the Saleem story because it is ‘beyond disgusting and disgraceful’ to even talk about it.

Instead, the actor has decided to take the legal route, and hopes that the ‘truth’ shall prevail. Javed has sent a legal notice to Manal Saleem through her lawyer Waleed Khanzada. And has asked for 100 million for the ‘loss and damage’ to Javed’s reputation, mental agony, torture and suffering. Javed and Manal were reportedly working on a shoot together when the incident happened.

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