SAITAMA Climbs Back Up On Top 10 Purchased Tokens For Whales, Upto 24% Rally In 24 Hours

Saitama Inu, the anime and pupcoins inspired cryptocurrency, has been pushing up and down the ranks quite a lot this month, especially among ether whales. Previously – on February 23 – with Saitama Swap on the verge of launch, Saitama Inu broke into the top ten most used smart contracts by the 1000 biggest Ethereum whales. And now the token has done it yet again, with SAITAMA making its mark among large crypto holders and placing 7th on the top 10 purchased tokens among these very whales.

Saitama investors have enjoyed a period of brief returns earlier, when the memecoin witnessed a 182% increase among the top ETH whales on Wednesday, making up 1.3% of the whale’s assets. However, the token took a nosedive just the day after, on 24 Feb, when it fell down 33% within the span of a day.

According to Watcher Guru, this happened largely because the price was rejected after tagging the 100-period EMA – a sign that bulls may not have enough momentum to keep pushing forward on the chart; the rejection carried weight as it came before SAITAMA closed above the upper limit of a supply zone between $0.00000001708-$0.00000001505. Now, the digital currency is back up and gaining back its value at present.

Reportedly, this spike’s catalysts were seemingly the updates shared by the team on their latest AMA held yesterday, and the upcoming launch of Swap. Currently, as per data taken from CoinGecko, SAITAMA has been holding strong with a 17.1% rally in the past 24 hours, which has bulled up its value to $0.000000017306 at the time of publishing.

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