Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals Nerve-Racking Encounter While Disguised As Trump

Sacha Baron Cohen had to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference for his newly released movie. He revealed he had an encounter where he was panicked about his disguise as President Donald Trump.

The actor had to disguise himself as the President for his Borat sequel. He revealed in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Sacha discussed his new sequel, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, which is now available on Amazon. He goes back to reprise his role as a Kazakh television journalist named Borat Sagdiyev.

His character interacts with real-life, unsuspecting people as the plot revolves around Borat traveling to the United States. The character is there to offer his daughter as a gift to Vice President Mike Pence. He revealed that for one part of the movie, he had to be transformed into Trump to go undercover at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

With all the prosthetics and a fat suit, he was successfully turned into Trump. However, for him to get past the security officer, he made himself look a lot less like Trump. While getting through security, the officer scanned Sacha with a wand and it beeped around his chest. He shared, “I was terrified, obviously, the moment they touch my body — it’s a fat suit. So I wouldn’t have been allowed in.”

Explaining what the beep was, he said he told the officer it was a pacemaker. However, the wand beeped again as it lowered down to his abdomen and he panicked again. Sacha explained, “He said, ‘Well, what’s that?’ And I didn’t know what to say, and he said, ‘Well, hold on, it’s the wire to the pacemaker, yeah?’ And I go, ‘Yeah, yeah, of course.’ And he let me in.”

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The actor revealed how he spent almost five hours in the men’s bathroom while listening to conservative men go to the toilet. He joked about a senior Trump advisor and addressed him saying, “Stephen Miller, if you’re watching this, you need more fiber in your diet. It shouldn’t take that long.”


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