SA Test Captain Dean Elgar voices his support for Coaches, "They need Backing too"

SA Test Captain Dean Elgar voices his support for Coaches, “They need Backing too”

Dean Elgar, South Africa’s Test captain, has raised his voice in support of the team’s coaches and management, whom he believes have not received the belief in their faith as they deserve. Elgar’s comments come just after the decision by CSA to start a formal inquiry into the conduct of Graeme Smith, South Africa’s director of cricket, and Mark Boucher, their head coach, following a report by the Social Justice and Nation-Building (SJN) commission implicated both – and others including former captain AB de Villiers – of unfairly discriminating against players on the basis of race. This issue has been quite serious and a reason for worry in the cricketing fraternity of South Africa.

While addressing a pre-series press conference, Elgar mentioned the difficult period South African cricket has endured over recent months. Asked what the toughest challenge about this period had been, from a players’ perspective, Elgar responded with his opinion that the coaches are not being fairly backed.

Media ruins our efforts to back coaches – Elgar sympathizes with Team’s Coaches
“It’s a tough one,” Elgar said. “We’ve had so many different administrators that we don’t even know who’s there now. I think maybe backing has been something that’s been pretty tough, especially backing with regards to our coaches and our team management. I don’t think we’ve received a lot of good stuff around that.
“From a players’ point of view, we maybe have to say, you know what, we back our coaches, we back our management, we need to give them a lot of love. I think sometimes they put in so much work, it gets unnoticed, and it gets watered down by media, and it gets watered down by articles, and I think that’s the biggest thing, because I know what they do behind the scenes, and for me that speaks volumes when it comes to our environment.
“One of the biggest things is that we haven’t had a lot of stability from an administrative point of view, and hopefully sooner than later there’s a lot more stability that comes within Cricket South Africa. But yeah, it’s not nice to see our coaches get lambasted for things, and I know the work they’re putting in behind the scenes, which no one else sees. Only us as the players group – we notice that and we see that and we’re extremely grateful for the hard work that they put in.”

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