Ronda Rousey Suspended?

The storyline involving Ronda Rousey has been put on hold it seems following Saturday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. Rousey was suspended and fined an undisclosed sum, according to a Monday statement from WWE. She will therefore be absent from this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown. This is a storyline suspension, after her inevitable ”heel” turn.

Adam Pearce confirms the news

Ronda Rousey, a former WWE Smackdown women’s champion, was punished by the company for her behaviour at the most recent WWE Summerslam event with a fine and a suspension. Adam Pearce made the punishment official on his personal Twitter page after WWE made the announcement earlier today on their official page. At WWE SummerSlam, Rousey competed against Liv Morgan for the WWE Smackdown women’s championship title, but she was unable to win back the crown she dropped at MITB.

What’s the story behind the suspension?

WWE mentioned Rousey’s suspension for her post-match assault on referee Dan Engler at SummerSlam. In punishment for the official failing to notice Liv Morgan tapping out while Rousey had the armbar applied to her during their SmackDown Women’s Title fight, Rousey attacked the official. Rousey was instead given a pin because both of her shoulders were on the mat, which allowed Liv Morgan to keep the title.

”Heel” turn

People were waiting for it happen, they wanted this since the beginning. The babyface storyline wasn’t received well with her when she arrived in the company. It was just like how any celebrity/athlete not from a pro wrestling background comes in and wins a championship or defeats a WWE signed star. That has been the most common and monotonous script.

How it happened?

Ronda Rousey lost her cool during the SmackDown Women’s Championship battle at SummerSlam. Not only did she attack Liv Morgan after the bell, but she also pursued a WWE representative, repelled further representatives who arrived to defend her, and yelled at a spectator.

When it appeared Morgan submitted to an armbar before the referee counted Rousey’s shoulders down for a three count, Rousey became irate. The Baddest Woman on the Planet seemed to have a valid complaint after seeing the tape, since Morgan did tap on the count of two. Simply put, the official missed it. When the referee finally convinced Rousey to release the hold on Morgan, she put an armbar on the official. This is a full heel turn for Rousey.

We will find out the next week, if Rousey will return or not. Or it can be an interference from her during this week’s Friday Night SmackDown.

Rousey was offended by the spectators’ jeers when she attacked Morgan. There are rumours that she used a heel-like speech toward the live audience when she yelled at a fan, “You shut up and your mum failed you.” It was kind of unexpected coming from Rousey, who before the fight was being cheered on but it must have been the effects from the loss.

Next steps for Rousey

A manager who could create several of her promotional pieces for her would be much better. She earned the title of Baddest Woman on the Planet for a reason, but she wasn’t known for always seeking the favour of her followers.

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