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Record Producer Weku Did That explains Trap Rock

With his latest instrumental project release “The Case for R&B Vol.1” reaching 23,000 streams on Spotify we were eager to catch up with Atlanta’s masked producer to get a little bit more information on a genre of music he is calling Trap Rock. The producer who is widely known for producing melodic R&B records for one of Atlanta’s fastest rising female artists Rene Bonét, sparked attention when new production was released that featured electric guitars and hard hitting 808 drums. The multi-talented producer dawned this new side of his production with the artist known as Bully Barbé.

We are so used to hearing the signature “Weku Did That” tag on his instrumentals that when we heard these new beats, we were surprised to see this side of the normally vibey and laid-back style of production that we are used to from him. This production sounds aggressive and sounds like a mix between Rock and Hip-Hop and it is  definitely made for the more alternative sounding artist. This is great because it means that Weku Did That is riding his own wave when it comes to production.

He humbly says “all music is recycled; it’s just people take it and create different things. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has thought of putting 808’s to an electric guitar, however I will be the most consistent, I love rock and roll”. When he was asked if he is playing every instrument on his production, he confidently states, “Yes, I put into my production exactly what I feel and sometimes that may be a piano, a trumpet, an acoustic guitar, whatever I feel. I took a few courses on music theory in college before I graduated and that has really played a major part in my production style. I’m familiar with chord progressions and scale and simply because I know where to go on the keyboard the feeling of my production will be exactly what I hear in my head, and if I can’t find the sound I’ll just make the sound with my own mouth”. This is truly helping to establish him as a producer with a unique sound! He later shared his plans on releasing another instrumental project fully devoted to Trap Rock, and we are sure it will be just as exciting as his prior releases.

Stream on Spotify: “The Case for R&B VOL 1.” An Instrumental Album by Weku Did That.

Stream on Apple Music: “The Case for R&B VOL 1.” An Instrumental Album by Weku Did That.

Stream on YouTube: “The Case for R&B VOL 1.” An Instrumental Album by Weku Did That.

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