Raven-Symone Reveals If She Is Ready For Kids & Thoughts On The View Drama

Raven Symone sat down with E! as she revealed her future plans. She shared the good thing about being a lesbian is that baby plans will always be planned.

The singer and actress tied the knot with her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday and intends to grow their family. She shared that she will let us know when she plans on growing her family. “I’m sure there’s going to be, like, a whole doctor’s list I’m going to give you,” Raven added. “We’ll get there when we get there.”

The couple has not even celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary yet. The actress surprised her fans last June as she revealed that she got married in a backyard ceremony at Debbie Allen’s home.

The singer took to Instagram to share the news as she wrote that she got married to a woman who understands her from trigger to joy. She wrote, “I got married to a woman who understands me from trigger to joy, from breakfast to midnight snack, from stage to home.”

The actress shared snapshots from her backyard wedding as she wrote she loves “Mrs. Pearman-Mady”. She revealed that Instagram is where she really lives these days when she is not making new music or filming Raven’s Home.

Raven had left her post at The View back in 2016 to film the That’s So Raven follow-up. She was asked about her thoughts on the ABC daytime talk show’s latest drama. The interviewer asked her, “I wanted to call you personally two days ago because when Joy [Behar] told Meghan McCain she did not miss her while she was on maternity leave, I almost fell out of my chair!”

Raven On The View Drama

The actress laughed as she shared something about Joy Behar. She described her as shady and said she doesn’t know when she is shady which “gives me life”. The singer added, “On a side note, Meghan, I talked to her once before because we obviously didn’t share the table together but, you know, she’s a strong-willed human, so I know she might have been crying a little bit on the inside but I like the face she had.”

Kevin Hart had made Miranda and Raven compete on E!’s Celebrity Game Face last year. He leads celebrity teams through a fun game night with the hopes of winning the ‘Hart of Champion’ trophy. It also gives award money for their charity of choice.

However, the newlyweds had lost the game to Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg. But the couple had a chance to redeem themselves this year. Talking about Miranda, Raven shared how competitive she is.  The singer shared, “And we lost the first time, which, I will say, put tension in the house for like a week. There were definitely those side-eye looks passing in the bathroom because she didn’t see the baby Kevin statue.”

Raven shared that when they got a chance to redeem themselves on Celebrity Game Face, Miranda went into full competition mode. She shared how Miranda sat her down and said, “’You know, babe…I know you bought me this ring, but if you don’t win…’”

Raven On Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde

The actress also weighed in on Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s romance. She shared how much she loved the surprising relationship. The singer said, “I think she is an amazing director and he is a wonderful creative”. She expressed how she cannot wait for what work is to come out of it.

However, the singer said if there is no work that comes out of it then she thinks they will have very “chiseled babies”.


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