Rashed Ali Almansoori’s take on the paperless strategy, says “Dubai is creating the future with such latest innovations”

The next decade will see Dubai transform into a digital hub and it will become the smartest city of the world. Dubai has deep-dived into the field of technology and it will bring out several innovations in the years to come. Smart Dubai, the most innovative project is currently working on Dubai Paperless Strategy who’s aim is to eliminate the use of physical paper for all government and individual transactions, both front-end and back-end by the end of 2021. One of the reputed bloggers and social media expert, Rashed Ali Almansoori states that innovation will change the facet of the UAE.

SDO is digitizing over 300 government as well as the individual transactions by providing them with everything on the ‘DubaiNow’ app. The blogger in a quote said, “When this strategy will be executed, Dubai will become the first city in the world to work paperless. With this strategy, the city will be benefited in economical, social and environmental ways. Papers are mainly made from trees and with paperless strategy, Dubai will set an example for other cities of the world.” Rashed who hails from Abu Dhabi believes that the next 10 years will see multiple innovations happening in the country.

According to the statistics, the end of 2021 will see Dubai annually eradicating the use of over 1 billion sheets of paper thus saving the whopping amount spent behind inessential paper and infrastructure costs. Rashed who is a professional lens maker for Instagram and Snapchat filters specializes in web development, web designing, SEO building and YouTube marketing. “Dubai is creating the future with such latest innovations”, he added. The digital creator has over the years built a strong social media presence of himself by creating the best content about technology and he continues to keep himself updated about the latest happenings in the tech world,