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Rare Flying Fortnite Hacker Kills Ninja, CouRage, SypherPK, and Wildcat With Ease

Fortnite has been one of the most popular game in 2019 and 2020. However, the game quickly lost momentum as less and less gamers stuck to it.

Few of the popular gamers who rose to fame by playing Fortnite include Ninja, CouRage, and Wildcat. The gamers reunited for Fortnite Chapter 3 but it wasn’t the best game of their career. Why so? Because of a ‘flying hacker’ in the game who completely destroyed their squad in a matter of seconds.

The Squad Fights The Flying Hacker

Hacking in online games is very common. While the developers try to make it almost impossible for players to hack the game and cheat, the notorious ones always find a way to crack through the restrictions. Something similar happened during Fortnite Chapter 3 stream of Ninja, CouRage, SypherPK, and Wildcat.

As the squad started playing the game, they were rained down with damage out of no where. They tried to fight the enemy through out the lobby but were unsuccessful in figuring out where the damage was coming from. At last, they realized that the ‘enemy’ was actually a hacker who was killing them from the sky.

All four of them were in shock after encountering the ‘flying hacker’ in Fortnite Chapter 3 with Ninja saying “he hacked just for us”.

‘I Haven’t Seen A Fortnite Hacker In So Long’

One of them said “I haven’t seen a Fortnite hacker in so long”.

After getting killed the streamers spectated the Fortnite hacker who destroyed them from the skies and using an aim-bot. “At least do something cool”, said one of them.

However, the hacker accidentally floated into the storm and died to storm damage, leaving the entire team in hysterics.

Ninja is world famous for his Halo 3 gameplay for esports teams and Fortnite Battle Royale streams on Twitch. With over 24 Million subscribers on YouTube and 17 Million Twitch followers, Ninja is on top of the streaming game.

However, his Twitch career brings in a lot of ‘pressure’, Ninja reveals in a new interview with The Cosmic Wonder.

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