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Rana Daggubati reveals how he fell in love with Miheeka Bajaj

Actor Rana Daggubati had exchanged rings with his girlfriend Miheeka Bajaj in a small engagement ceremony a few days back!

One of the biggest news in the entertainment industry in the past few days has been about the engagement of actor Rana Daggubati. After announcing his relationship on social media, the actor exchanged rings with Miheeka Bajaj in a small ceremony.

While people were not aware of their relationship earlier, Rana has now opened up on his fiancé. He told Indian Express, “Miheeka was brought up in Hyderabad. She lives right next to us in Jubilee Hills. She can speak Telugu, not fluent in it but yes. Also, our worlds are the same. The fun fact is that she is friends with my family, and I know her circle of friends in Mumbai.”


The story of the proposal is even more interesting as Rana says that she already knew where he was getting at when he called her. It was later when they met in person too. “I remember I said a bunch of things together. For me, it was serious. It was commitment. When I met her, that’s the time I felt I am ready to do this. It was that simple, for real,” he added.

The actor said that he never thought about marriage. But with Miheeka it was simple. He said , “I never thought about it. I met her, I liked her, and that’s it. I found love.”

When asked if he is going to have a grand wedding, Rana chuckled saying, “Depends on the world’s situation. I found the strangest time to get married.”

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