Prime Destination For Myles Turner To Rejuvenate His Career!

Prime Destination For Myles Turner To Rejuvenate His Career!

There are still a few players remaining in the free agent market and one player in particular has been headlining the market for a very long time but has never had luck in finding a new home. Myles Turner is stuck in between a hard place and rock bottom with the Indiana Pacers. But with incoming offers there is hope for Turner. Some of the teams where he would be a terrific fit are as follows.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers might have signed Thomas Bryant right now but going for Turner might be an even ideal piece for them. Myles Turner has changed the way he plays the game and has built a three-point game for himself.

With his shot blocking and his three-pointers, the Lakers would be hitting two birds with one stone. Turner can man the interior with Anthony Davis and in the offensive end, AD can take the paint while Turner can shoot from the perimeter. They can also do the vice-versa. Putting Turner would instantly make the Lakers an instant favorite to win the title.

Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets are in need of centers. They don’t have any reliable player to play that role. The duo of LaMelo Ball and Miles Bridges are already blossoming, some defense behind them would be reassuring for the team as a whole.

Myles Turner would flourish with that role as he would be the only one to stop the player in the interior. Plus his 3-point shooting gives them an extra shooter with the roster. The addition of Turner would turn the Hornets franchise around and they can aim for a higher seed in the regular season given the competition.

New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans have Zion Williamson coming for the next season. Jonas Valanciunas is the current starting center so the question is why they would need Myles Turner. If you see carefully, Turner and Jonas have two very different style of play. Jonas Valanciunas clogs the paint and he takes away some possession of the ball.

With Zion Williamson returning the following season, his focus would be mostly in the paint. Jonas would clash with Zion and would halt the offense. With Turner that problem won’t arise and he is a better defender than Jonas. The Pelicans are on the verge of becoming a championship contender. Hey should take his chance and trade Turner for Jonas.

Toronto Raptors

Surprisingly so, the Raptors would be needing someone like Turner. With majority of their roster being young and they will be progressing towards their championship aspirations within the next 2 seasons. Turner would completely fit that timeline and having him at his peak would be exactly what the Raptors want.

They don’t have a reliable center of Turner’s caliber. His shot blocking prowess combined with his 3-point shooting can be an edge that the Raptors can use. Turner gets injured but if he stays healthy for an extended period he will be winning a championship there.

With so many options, Turner should go to those roster but the Pacers aren’t willing to let him go, knowing how valuable his skill sets are. They can make a trade and ask for picks in return but that isn’t what the Pacers want. Hopefully a trade follows through and Turner can play in a different team.

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