Pokimane Gifts Fellow Streamer Ari Saki 1,000 Twitch Subs

Pokimane surprised her fellow Twitch streamer Ari Saki with a fantastic present! It was a surprise that would mean the world to any Twitch streamer.

Pokimane is one of the most followed female Twitch streamers on the planet. She is famous for her IRL and gaming streams. Pokimane has such a huge fan following that the gifted Twitch subs she receives have reached a spot where it has started causing problems to her computer.

Now, the Valorant pro Pokimane has decided to share her Twitch subs with others and fortunately, Ari Saki was the first recipient of it.

Ari Saki’s Reaction

In one of the recent streams of Ari Saki, Pokimane decided to throw some gifted Twitch subs at her. She started with just 50 subs but slowly went up with her donations.

Pokimane quickly donated 100 subs and Ari Saki was beyond happy seeing the ddonation.

“Poki oh my goodness, thank you, I love you,” Saki said. However, she wasn’t aware that this was just the beginning of a barrage of Twitch subs that Pokimane had planned to send her way.

As Pokimane kept sending more and more Twitch subs on Ari Saki’s stream, the latter kept becoming more and more elated.

“Poki, this is not OK, girl, what the heck? She’s not stopping!” Aria said.

“You’re Drunk! Go Home!”

“Poki, what are you doing, you’re drunk! Go home!” Saki added.

Ari Saki showed her gratitude foe this fantastic gift by Pokimane by writing her name on her chest. She took to Twitter and wrote “the 1000 gifted was worth it”. Have a look at it below:


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