Pokimane Slams Haters Who Discredit Her Immortal Rank In Valorant

Twitch streamer Pokimane Anys is one of the biggest gamers on the planet. Just recently, she made headlines for being amongst the top 0.5% Valorant players to exist.

Pokimane reached the Immortal rank in Valorant for the first time in her gaming career and she was on cloud nine. The streamer shared her excitement with the fans in a tweet from her official account.

‘So Freaking Happy’

“After being Diamond for 3 Acts, I finally hit Immortal!. “So freaking happy and proud of myself.”

“It’s taking all my willpower not to debate people trying to discredit me, but whatever! I’m so happy.”

However, all the Valorant fans who were trying to discredit the streamer have finally gotten to hear a word from her.

Pokimane Anys replied to users who were claiming that she was ‘carried’ by other good players to the Immortal rank in Valorant.

Pokimane’s Response To Haters

To one of the hater who tweeted criticizing Pokimane’s Immortal rank, Pokimane said on stream:

“Me, minding my business, playing solo queue, and duoing sometimes, like a normal gamer does, sometimes. Me, minding my business, streaming games, in Diamond, in Plat elo. Then I dead ass open Twitter, and here, this is the kind of brain-dead sh*t I see immediately.”

She further goes on to reply on the tweet “Who the fu*k asked you?”

Pokimane is used to the hate for her Valorant gameplays. In February 2021, she forced a hater to deactivate their account by her savage response.

“I’ve been playing Valorant since beta,” the Twitch streamer said. “I’ve hit Diamond rank numerous times, have three ranked accounts, [but] you clearly don’t know this because you don’t watch my stream. Yet you have the audacity to call me boosted off a five-second clip of me being scared lmao.


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