Phanta Bear NFT Collection - Everything You Should Know

Phanta Bear NFT Collection – Everything You Should Know

The Phanta Bear NFT collection is one of the most successful NFT projects of 2022 so far. It is a digital art collection of 10,000 automatically generated virtual bears, each with its own unique characteristics.

Non-Fungible Tokens have been all the hype lately. The prices of NFTs are skyrocketing and the demand does not seem to cease. As more and more investors will realize the worth of digital art pieces living on the blockchain, the NFT industry will witness massive growth. BUT…

But why should you own a Phanta Bear NFT? Is there any special benefit that holders of Phanta Bears get? How do you buy the NFT? This guide will tell you everything that you should know about the Phanta Bear NFT collection.

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    What Is Phanta Bear NFT?

    Digital bears that consist of the ‘Phanta Bear NFT Collection

    As mentioned earlier, the Phanta Bears are a unique NFT collection consisting of 10,000 algorithmically generated colorful. The NFT collection is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain like many other famous NFT projects.

    Founders of Phanta Bears

    It was created by Asian pop sensation Jay Chou’s lifestyle and fashion brand PHANTACi in partnership with Ezek, the growing Blockchain entertainment portal.

    This NFT project by PHANTACi X Ezek was a massive success as it sold out in less than one hour after its launch. Some other founders of the project have not been doxed and go by pseudonyms of “Will I,” “Mark G,” and “Ed Ow.”

    Pseudonyms of the founders of Phanta Bear NFT project.

    Launch of Phanta Bear NFT Collection

    The virtual colorful bears project was launched on the occasion of New Year, i.e, 1st January 2022. Within forty minutes of the launch, all the 10,000 Phanta Bear NFTs were gone -a.k.a SOLDOUT! The mint price for one Phanta Bear was 0.26 ETH (around $1,000 in fiat).

    This has been the most successful NFT project of the year so far. The man behind the NFT collection Jay Chou expressed happiness seeing the virtual bears sell out so quick.

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    Hidden Art Behind The NFT Collection

    Just like BAYC, Crypto Punks, VeeFriends, and all other major NFT Collections, Phanta Bears also offer distinctive characteristics of each token. This means that no two virtual bears are the same and each Phanta Bear has its own unique characterists.

    Each bear is embellished with unique fashion apparel, accessories, jewelry, and traits. Some virtual bears are rarer than others. These command a higher price as well. We will discuss more about it in the coming ‘Phanta Bear NFT Price’ section.

    How To Buy Phanta Bear NFT?

    Since the initial mint has been completed, the only way to buy a Phanta Bear now is via secondary marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible.

    You need to have a MetaMask or similar wallet set up to buy a Phanta Bear NFT.

    Phanta Bear NFT Price & Market Cap

    The following table summarizes all the essential financial metrics of NFT Collection:

    Mint Price0.26 Eth [$1,000]
    Current Floor Price1.49 ETH [$4,400]
    Last 24 Hours Volume (March 18)34,000 ETH [$102 Million]
    Market Cap (March 18)$44.4 Million
    Phanta Bear NFT – Mint Price, Floor Price, Market Cap, and Volume.

    Roadmap Of The NFT Project

    While every NFT project might not have a roadmap, every successful NFT project must have one! Be it the BAYC NFT or Cryptopunks, all of them have a clearly defined roadmap that informs the owners of the NFT about what the project intends to do in the days to come.

    The roadmap of Phanta Bears is available on the official website of the project. In the roadmap, it is mentioned that Ezek, the blockchain entertainment company behind the Phanta Bear collection will launch more celebrity NFTs, form a technological partnership with a top high-tech brand which will be announced to the public at CES 2022. 

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    There are also plans of launching Ezek Virtual Concern in the second quarter of 2022. Everyone who owns a Phanta Bear NFT will get free access to the event. The virtual bear which owners hold will act as a ticket/pass to the concert venue.

    The NFT collection also aims to venture into the Metaverse and the holders will be given the chance to buy virtual plots in Ezek’s Metaverse. 

    Launch – January 1 2022Mint completed at 0.26 ETH a piece. Sold out in 40 minutes.
    First Quarter, 2022PHANTACi Spring Collection launch +Ezek Club Launch
    Second Quarter, 2022Ezek Virtual Concert details to be revealed + Ezek Metaverse Launch
    Third Quarter, 2022Ongoing developments to Ezek Metaverse
    Phanta Bear NFT Roadmap

    Phanta Bear #10000 and #8938

    What’s so special about these two Phanta Bears? Well, these are owned by Jay Chou and his wife, Hannah Quinlivan. Have a look at these unique, super good-looking, and attractive Phanta Bears below.

    What Utility Do Phanta Bears Provide?

    • Access to virtual concerts
    • Chance to buy virtual plot in the Metaverse
    • PHANTACi products – Offers & Disocunts
    • Social Proof

    Floor Price of Phanta Bear NFT

    As on March 28 2022, the floor price of the collection is 0.935 ETH ($3,100). This is over 200% gain from the mint price of 0.26 ETH.

    Phanta Bear NFT has 5,200 owners of its 10,000 arti pieces. This means the owner to NFT ratio for this collection currently stands at 1:2. For every two Phanta Bears, there is one owner.

    The volume traded as on March 28 2033 was 33.6k ETH (which equals $104,000,000).

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