Perfect Or Not: These K-pop Idols Hated for No Reason

  • K-pop Idols are under a lot of scrutiny all the time
  • These idols in particular are also victims of immense hate for no valid reason
  • These K-pop stars are hated for the most ridiculous reasons

K-pop Idols are under immense pressure to be perfect but these Idols prove that even if you do nothing, haters will still find a reason to hate.

K-Pop stars who've received hate for no reason

K-Pop stars who’ve received hate for no reason 

It is no secret that the K-Pop industry can be extremely brutal and competitive at times. As if rigorous training and exhausting schedules were not enough, these idols are even supposed to maintain a prim and proper image in the public eye at all times. K-pop stans value a clean public image. And if an idol does not meet those standards, they are rebuked and hated upon for no apparent reason.

As unfortunate as it sounds, as your popularity rises, receiving hate becomes inevitable. But some idols out there have been witch-hunted to an extent that even a strand of hair on their head is under minute scrutiny. There have been times when Idols have been hated for doing the most mundane human things that come so naturally to most of us. 

Here’s a list of K-pop idols who are subjected to hate for the most ridiculous of reasons:

Jennie from Blackpink

Jennie being the first one on the list surprises no one. From “lazy dancing” to “dating scandals”, Jennie has been subjected to constant hate throughout her career. She was called “YG’s princess” for getting the best clothes during promotions. And was criticised for having a bad attitude just because she has a straight face. Even though it was proved that she was in fact not lazy while dancing but had actually hurt her ankle, people would just not let it go. She was involved in a dating scandal with Kai from Exo in 2019. And very recently with Bigbang’s G-dragon which led people to say that she dates too much. 

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel was a former member of the group Wanna One which has since then disbanded. He was criticized for getting too much attention and being the most famous member. As ridiculous as it sounds it does not end here. When the news of his relationship with Twice’s Jihyo broke out, it led to a massive amount of hate. Since people thought he was not “good enough” for her since she was still considered a rookie at that time. 

BTS Maknae line

Jimin, V, and Jungkook are one of the most famous artists not just in South Korea but in the world. The exact reason for the massive amount of hate they receive has always been unclear but netizens bash them for hogging all the limelight from the Hyung line. They are literally criticised for being popular! 

Kai from Exo

Kai is one of the best dancers in the K-pop industry so it is utterly bewildering when he received so much hate for looking “cocky’ and “rude” while dancing. Also, since dating apparently seems to be a crime amongst K-pop stars, it absolutely drove the haters crazy when he was involved with Krystal from F(X) and Blackpink’s Jennie. He was even asked to leave Exo if he wanted to “date that much”. 

Yeri from Red Velvet

Yeri was added to Red Velvet a little later than the other members and haters have still not forgiven her for that. She was called “talentless” and “ugly” and criticised for not being good enough to be a part of the group. The weirdest reason she got hated upon for was crying at Jonghyun’s funeral. Yeri fans know how close they were, but even if they weren’t, calling someone an “attention seeker” for crying at someone’s funeral is extremely insensitive!


IU is one of the most respected K-pop Idols in the entire industry. It is astonishing to think that she could also get so much hate. She is disliked by Jungkook’s fans for being his ideal type of girl. IU is probably every idol’s ideal type! She was also hated for being romantically involved with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. 

Eunwoo from Astro

Cha Eunwoo dazzled everyone with his performance in True Beauty but only a few people know that the very attribute he is praised for brings him the most hate, i.e his good looks. Eunwoo is criticized for being the most popular member of Astro due to his good looks. People say that he has reached this far only because of his “pretty privilege” and that he lacks any concrete talent. 


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