Parizaad Drama To Be Ended Like Mere Pass Tum Ho?

Pakistani dramas grabbing attention globally, the craze among fans is going viral. A recent drama on HUM TV is attracting lots of headlines and assumptions as the drama is coming to its end. Parizaad ending is expected to be like the one audience saw of Danish in Mere Pass Tum Ho.

Drama and the main lead Parizaad seems to have a huge following these days. The last craze we saw was in Mere Pass Tum Ho having Humayun Saeed and Ayeza Khan in the main lead. This Hum TV drama became a phenomenon with its last episode airing in cinemas. With Parizaad also going to air its final episode in cinemas, people started equating Danish with Parizaad.

Parizaad Situations Are Similar To Danish

Mere Pass Tum Ho told a story that was a rarity for Pakistani drama viewers. Most Pakistani dramas show the plight of women, this one showed the plight of a man whose wife, the love of his life, broke his heart.

Through this character, the writer Khalil-ur-Rehman showed how heartbreak affects a person who had trusted someone with their eyes closed. Danish’s world revolved around his wife Mehwish, when she betrayed and left him, he did whatever he could to get over her and eventually ended up being a really strong individual.

Although Danish had more courage to face the world and take risks after Mehwish left, he never got over her. He remained madly in love with her right till the end but also could not take her back. The end showcased how he got sudden rich and still hoped her back. But he died in the end without the love of his life.

Parizaad is a young man whose outward appearance does not match his name. In a time when good looks are major criteria for a male lead, Parizaad stands out not only because of his looks which do not fit in the hero criteria but also because of his personality.

Parizaad Was Ignored By Many Important People

It is portrayed that again and again Parizaad is overshadowed by others. He gave his heart to many central characters but in return, his love and affection were rejected due to his social status and appearance. Now, in the recent episodes, Parizaad awaits for Annie played by Yumna Zaidi to love him back the way he adores her. But there are many confusions around him where he decides to leave everything back and fly away.

Last Teaser

However, Annie expressed her reverence for Parizaad. Yet somehow he does not feel worthy of all the love and appreciation he gets from her. Since Sharjeel shared his actual feelings for Annie with him. He feels obligated to be the “giver” this time around as well! Annie’s praise for Parizaad was a little too long; these dialogues could easily have been chopped down. Other than that, this episode was perfectly put together and had my undivided attention.

A happy ending is highly unlikely since Parizaad is not even willing to try but there could also be a surprise in store since Annie was much more expressive than she has ever been. Will Annie choose Parizaad over Sharjeel? Or will Parizaad’s journey end on a sad note?

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.

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