Paper Girls To Release On Amazon Prime, This July

Watch an award-winning comic book series come to life, wondering which one it is this time?

It’s none other than the Paper Girls, the famous comic book adaptation web series that will make its debut in July.

Today June 10th we got a glimpse of the Paper Girls through the photos dropped by Amazon Prime.

The stars of the series are  four girls named Mac Coyle (Sofia Rosinsky), K.J. Brandman (Fina Strazza), Erin Tieng (Riley Lai Nelet), and Camryn Jones (Tiffany Quilkin)

Let’s have a look at the released images and what they are about

The first picture depicts the four girls watching the clouds. It kind of has a vintage sort of vibe. It seems that the girls have noticed the invasion. It’s also a little similar to the original comic poster.

The second picture depicts that the girls have witnessed something strange happening.

This picture depicts Riley Nai as Erin Tieng & Ali Wong the older version of Erin who looks all serious in the photo. It’s when the younger and older version meet.

The reflection on the face of older Erin seems like she is trying to detect or find something.

This is a very cool picture of four girls delivering newspapers in the morning.

 In this photo, there are only three of them staring at something.

This is Sofia & Riley trying to think about something, by staring at the clouds.

In this photo, Mac Coyle ain’t there only the three girls are running towards something.

What is the Paper Girl web series about?

Paper girl is a fiction web series that will stream on Amazon Prime Video on July 29, 2022. The story of the Paper Girl is about 4 girls who deliver papers in households. The story is set up in Cleveland, Ohio. In the morning, when they are out to deliver newspapers, the town gets stuck in a war between two rival time travelers from the future.

As Paper Girls is finally going to be released this July, this is what Co-head and COO Albert Cheng of Amazon Studios has to say ” We love bringing Paper Girls to our global Amazon Prime Video audience as an original series. Brian’s beloved, widely acclaimed, and multiple Eisner Award-winning story delivers a gripping concept grounded by compelling characters.”

Don’t forget to Watch Paper Girls on July 29th.

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