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Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik To Soon Be Seen In A Television Serial

Shoaib Malik is a world-renowned Pakistani cricket player. He is married to Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza.

Shoaib Malik has appeared on television screens several times this Ramadan. He have also been a major part of almost every Ramadan transmission this year (2021).

Shoaib Malik Shares About His TV Performances

Shoaib Malik was recently seen in the show called Time Out With Ahsan Khan.

Ahsan Khan asked Shoaib Malik if he was willing to get into acting career or not and then Shoaib himself revealed that he had already made a special appearance in a serial and it will surprise viewers when they would see that soon on television.

Shoaib Malik then added to the information that he had recorded scenes in many places for many shows.

‘There Is Still So Much To Achieve In Cricket’

“To be honest there is still so much to achieve in cricket. I am trying that my focus stays on cricket. It’s a recognition of an athlete.

But of course, I love acting and my wife was also saying that you are going to many shows nowadays. But we must do new experiments in life”

Shoaib Malik’s First Meet With Sonya Hussyn’s Mother

Recently, Sonya opened up about her mother’s reaction when she met Shoaib Malik for the first time.

She said, “When Shoaib came to my place, my mother liked him for me as a partner and started texting me that he is so cute and she liked her. My parents are so unaware of whatever is happening on social media and Television, they didn’t even know that Shoaib is already married to globally famous tennis player Sania Mirza and has a son also.”

Shoaib Malik added that he did not know that Sonya’s mother did not know about his marriage and liked him for her daughter and said, “I never went to her place again for a meal.”

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