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Sonya Hussyn Shares Her Mother’s Reaction After Meeting Shoaib Malik For The First Time

Sonya Hussyn and Shoaib Malik are well-known Pakistani celebrities. Sonya is an amazing and versatile actor and Shoaib Malik is a well-known and popular cricketing legend.

Both celebrities appeared in an exclusive Eid episode of “Time out with Ahsan Khan” which aired on Express Entertainment TV.

Time Out With Ahsan Khan

While talking about Eid traditions in the game, Sonya Hussyn shared about her excellent cooking skills.

Shoaib Malik also praised her cooking skills and said, “I also had the opportunity to eat a delicious meal made by Sonya when I went to her place”.

In response, Sonya opened up about her mother’s reaction when she met Shoaib Malik for the first time.

What Was The Reaction Of Sonya’s Mother?

She said, “When Shoaib came to my place, my mother liked him for me as a partner and started texting me that he is so cute and she liked her. My parents are so unaware of whatever is happening on social media and Television, they didn’t even know that Shoaib is already married to globally famous tennis player Sania Mirza and has a son also.”

Shoaib Malik added that he did not know that Sonya’s mother did not know about his marriage and liked him for her daughter and said, “I never went to her place again for a meal.”

Other Celebs On The Show

Mohib Mirza was recently the guest on the show called “Time Out With Ahsan Khan”.

Six years ago he made the statement that artists earn more respect in India than in Pakistan. 

On the show, he was asked about his previous comments regarding the Indian film and entertainment industry. Mohib praised the Bollywood industry and called them much bigger and successful than Lollywood.

He answers, ‘The reason of giving this statement was that their industry is ten thousand times larger than our industry and they have a large number of population as well, so their industry highly appreciates your effort.’

“If you continue to compare your work with them, it is clear that their artists will be well known and more recognized then,” Mohib added.

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