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Pakistani Celebrities Who Did Not Wear Red On Their Wedding

Red looks like the national color of Pakistan or at least the national color of weddings here. One after another, every bride you see is adorned in a different shade of red.

But some people decide to ditch the conventional and go with something that not only makes them stand out but is worth ditching the traditions over. Some Pakistani celebrities have done the same.

Female Pakistani Celebrities Who Did Not Wear Red

Let’s take a look at some of the popular celebrity brides who ditched red and went with other colors on their wedding day:

Sarah Khan:

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One of the most talked-about brides of recent times, Sarah went with a hue of pink on her big day. She definitely looked like a million bucks and much better than she would have looked in red. Her jewelry and makeup complimented the dress as well.

Zara Noor Abbas:

zara asad reception 5

Perhaps the boldest bride on our list, Zara went with black paired with golden on her wedding day. I personally find her the best of all. Her simple hairstyle, bold eyes, and soft lips not only accentuated her features but paired well with the dress too. You can never go wrong with black, definitely not as a bride!

Naimal Khawar:

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Another gorgeous in this list who went with a simple dress and a light color. She wore beige which she paired with red gajras, super-soft makeup, and light jewelry. Everything complimented her stunning features and I am sure she looked way better than she would have looked in a classic red. What the right choice!

Urwa Hocane:

urwa hocane and farhan marriage pics

Urwa not only did not wear red but she did not go with the traditional lehenga either. She wore a heavy gharara with heavy jewelry and soft makeup. The body fitted dress complimented her entire look well and gave her a very royal feel. Another smart choice added to this list.

Sanam Jung:

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Sanam Jung might be the oldest bride on this list, but she is definitely worth mentioning here. The starlet known for her aura in the industry went with a shade of pink complemented with copper on her big day. Though she did opt for traditional jewelry, but the makeup balanced everything well. Little gold here and there also added glam to the entire look.

These were some of our unconventional Pakistani celebrity brides who ditched red and decided to go with colors that not only suited their entire look but complemented them well. Let us know which one is your favorite look in the comments section.

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