Seth Rollins

On WWE Raw, Seth Rollins Ended With AEW Star’s Submission Finisher

Seth Rollins had never won a match by submission in his more than a decade on WWE TV. All of that changed on the 9/26 episode of WWE Raw, when Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio with the Peruvian Necktie, a submission hold popularised by Thunder Rosa, the injured AEW Women’s World Champion. Rollins appeared to have won the match after hitting The Stomp on Mysterio, but he locked in the Peruvian Necktie to send a message to Matthew Riddle in front of their Fight Pit fight in a few weeks.

The last time Rollins’ team won a match by submission was on the July 1, 2019 episode of Raw, when he and Becky Lynch defeated Mike and Maria Kanellis in a mixed tag team match. Nevertheless, it was Lynch who gave her team the victory by using the Dis-Arm-Her on Mike Kanellis. Rollins has indeed been subjected to several submission holds over the years, including those from Edge, Samoa Joe, & John Cena. Riddle and Rollins will compete in only the third Fight Pit fight in WWE history on October 8 at the Extreme Rules premium live event.

The fight was declared last week after the bitter rivals ruined each other’s matches, resulting in a brawl in the backstage area. With Fight Pit laws that allow only TKO or submission victories, fans may see a completely different Rollins at Extreme Rules, as the veteran Universal Champion will be compelled to limit his usual high-flying style. The canvas is surrounded by steel and raised platforms rather than ropes or turnbuckles in the Fight Pit framework. Riddle is the overwhelming favourite going into the match due to his MMA background. Rollins defeated Riddle earlier this month at Clash at the Castle.

Becky Lynch’s Injury Status

Becky Lynch’s injury appears to have a silver lining.  Lynch revealed in an Instagram Live session with her husband Seth Rollins, former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz, and The Rock on Tuesday that she intends to use her time away from the court productively and prudently by writing a memoir about her wrestling career. 

As per Lynch, she’s has being working on the autobiography for a while, and having it on the shelf and reading Gewirtz’s new book, There’s Just One Problem, has given her plenty of motivation to complete what she started. Lynch said of his new book, It’s such a great book. You’ve done an outstanding job. I’m still working on mine, and I’m relieved when it’s finished, it won’t be in competing directly with yours. 

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.