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OmeCare’s OmeHealth and Dietgene Beacons of Precision Medicine

Just as GPS technology revolutionized our travel and made it almost impossible to get lost, genetics recently has been playing a major role to play in the ongoing revolution in medicine. Since 2003 when the monumental human genome project was completed providing a comprehensive genetic blueprint of a human being, genetics has gradually been turning trial-and-error medicine into a more precise science.

After ten years of a collective research effort undertaken by a multi-disciplinary team made of leading physicians, nutritionists, and scientists, OmeCare, a San-Diego genetic testing company, launched its proprietary app dietgene, which offers a personalized nutritional plan for individuals based on each person’s unique set of DNA data. To get started, one needs to take OmeCare’s DNA test OmeHealth.

The test is an easy cheek-swab that is delivered to the company lab whose experts analyze the data and deliver a scientifically-based report with one’s genetic predispositions for consuming macro-nutrients, exercise and training types, food reactions, and metabolic health factors. “Taking a DNA test is just the first step of many to unlock your genetic potential and improve your overall health,” says Dr. Michael Nova, OmeCare’s Chief Innovation Officer, and co-founder. Dietgene brings together nutrigenomics that integrates genomic science and nutrition, and, where possible, lifestyle factors. The DNA-based lifestyle along with nutritional recommendations and tracking tools was issued a US patent. The ultimate test’s deliverable is the complete set of information on one’s metabolism, vitamin, and various nutrients deficiencies, nutrition, and fitness recommendations that will help you lose, gain or maintain your weight based on your DNA, ailments, and preferences.

OmeHealth test screens a narrower yet more telling set of genetic markers in contrast with other DNA companies who look into a more generic and less specific and less actionable genetic set. The narrower range of markers allows OmeCare to deliver the industry’s most precise scientific advice for a healthier lifestyle. “By designing health plans based on both your genetic makeup and your individual lifestyle, the dietgene app makes healthy living dynamic, and a higher standard of care possible,” concludes Nova.

Dietgene’s personalized diet and exercise plan is a great example of the effective use of genetics for precision medicine. By further expanding the opportunities available to the company’s clients and turning their smartphones into health management devices, the app is in fact a professional tool that can be used by anyone who aspires to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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