Official Look At New Documentary On Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard's Case

Official Look At New Documentary On Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard’s Case

A two-part docuseries by Discovery+ titled Johnny vs Amber: The US Trial is here. This will revolve around the former couple’s public trial where Depp got a chance to clear his name. This two-part documentary will be released on Discovery + on 20th September.

As per the synopsis of the docu-series, it will be focusing on the forensic account of the important evidence with the help of Johnny Depp’s lawyers, legal experts, and journalists. The series will also highlight the turning points of both sides which would help viewers decide for themselves, who to believe.

The teaser of the documentary shows how both Johnny and Amber’s testimonies throughout this trial. Depp won the defamation case in the end. We also witness a text from Depp which read, “She’s begging for total global humiliation”. The most intriguing part of the case was that Depp was not aware of his behavior because of substance abuse.

He was heard saying in court, “I’m not proud of any of the language that I’ve used”. Meanwhile, we hear Amber saying that she has received several death threats since the trial started. She shared that people are mocking her testimony about being assaulted and she wants them to leave her alone.

After the charges by Amber, Depp lost a case against The Sun in the UK where he was labeled a “wife-beater”. Whereas, he won the defamation case in the US and Heard has revealed that she would appeal the verdict.

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