NICKMERCS Extends Exclusive Twitch Contract Instead Of Shifting To YouTube

The battle between Twitch and YouTube Gaming is on but FaZe Clan co-owner NICKMERCS have chosen to be on the side of Twitch.

The streamer-cum-Internet celeb talked about the ‘biggest contract of his life’ a few weeks ago and now he has revealed what the contract is. It is the renewal/extension of his exclusive Twitch contract.

YouTube Gaming has succeeded in signing big names from Twitch such as Dr Lupo, Timthetaman, and more under exclusive contracts in the past.

NICKMERCS Chooses Twitch

With YouTube gaming being on a Twitch streamers signing spree, there were rumors that NICKERCS would also shift platforms. Timthetatman was a close associate of NICKMERCS and him shifting to YouTube made the rumors even more strong. However, he has quashed all such rumors by making it official that he is staying with Twitch.

He took to Twitter and posted a video showcasing his continued contract with Twitch. He captioned it as ‘The Show Goes On!’

Twitch has not revealed the terms related to his contract extension, but one could only imagine the type of deal on the table, to stave off interest from rival platforms. And we expect that NICKMERCS must have gotten a better deal as compared to his previous Twitch contract.

NICKMERCS originally joined Twitch back in 2010 when it was still JustinTV. He has grown to nearly 15M followers to date and consistently has over 50,000 paying subscribers at any given time.

FaZe Clan Drama

FaZe Clan members (barring NICKMERCS) were involved in a massive cryptocurrency scandal this year. The ‘Save The Kids’ scandal saw Kay, Jarvis, Nikan, And Teeqo being suspended from the eSports organization.

Teeqo has been reinstated but all others remain suspended from FaZe Clan.

Did you want NICKMERCS to stay on Twitch or make the move to YouTube Gaming? Tell us your thoughts about the story in the comments.


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