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Nicki Minaj Announces New Music & The Barbz Go Crazy

In addition to resuming her Queen Radio program, Nicki Minaj will release a new song in August called “Freaky Girl.” When Nicki Minaj revealed the single’s release date and the return of Queen Radio, her fans cheered.
The rapper who sells diamonds confirmed Queen Radio will return on August 11. She also let her followers know that her song “Freaky Girl” would be released on August 12. Nicki Minaj promoted her next single on Twitter with a number of posts. Since Rick James’ “Super Freak” is sampled in “Freaky Girl,” she referred to herself as Nick James.
Then, Nicki Minaj teased her audience with a mysterious Queen Radio message.

Fans Reaction to the Announcement

Following Nicki Minaj’s social media announcement of her plans, Loyal Barbz were thrilled.

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