Stephanie McMahon

New Information Has Emerged In Relation To Stephanie McMahon’s Decision To Step Down As WWE’s Co-CEO

The entire WWE Universe was shocked by Stephanie McMahon’s official announcement of her departure from the organization. Recent reports have covered the effects of her choice, the factors that went into it, and how the change will affect other people’s roles. Nick Khan is the sole CEO of WWE as a result of Stephanie McMahon’s resignation from her position in that capacity.

The company’s board of directors also unanimously and simultaneously chose Vince McMahon to take over as executive chairman of the board. According to a recent report, the former Women’s Champion’s departure from WWE was more of a continuation of the leave of absence she had previously taken before accepting the role of co-CEO this past summer. The actors who the outlet had spoken to “liked” Stephanie, it was reported.

According to the report, Nick Khan will now take on more responsibilities as the CEO working “solo.” In the meantime, Triple H will continue to lead WWE creative going forward while holding the position of Chief Content Officer. Multiple sources “stressed” this point repeatedly, according to the report. Last but not least, the article claimed to have spoken with a number of WWE stars, all of whom had different reactions to the breaking news from tonight.

Vince McMahon’s reappointment

Overall, there is just a lack of consensus regarding what the future will bring. One talent reportedly predicted that Vince McMahon’s reappointment as head of creative would cause the roster’s members to react very negatively. Another performer expressed the wish that Stephanie McMahon would use this action as a cover for the simultaneous sale of the business. Vince McMahon has formally rejoined WWE’s board of directors after less than six months of retirement.

McMahon is attempting to aid in the sale of the business ahead of the renewal of their media rights agreement in his new position as “executive chairman.” According to people familiar with the situation, WWE has hired JPMorgan to assist the company in providing advice regarding a potential sale. It is anticipated that a sale will take place within the next three to six months. Additionally, eight businesses are interested in buying WWE. Comcast and FOX, two networks that already air WWE programming, are at the top of the list.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.