Netflix Releases Trailer For Selling Sunset Spinoff, Selling Tampa

Netflix Releases Trailer For Selling Sunset Spinoff, Selling Tampa

The official trailer for Selling Tampa, a new Selling Sunset spin-off that follows the agents of Allure Realty; has been released by Netflix. Sharelle Rosado, the owner; is introducing a new office of eager realtors who are making their mark in Florida’s sunshine state. The all-Black and all-female staff are continuing on the legacy of The Oppenheim Group; a West Hollywood real estate firm. The ladies of Allure appear to be closing deals in heels while slugging it out behind the scenes in the spicy trailer.

Selling Tampa is the first official spin-off from the same people who brought you Netflix’s smash hit Selling Sunset. It follows Sharelle’s Allure Realty’s inner workings. The aspirational CEO and war veteran is hell-bent on making her firm the Suncoast’s top contender. The agency’s ladies are a great mix of fun and ambition; with each one trying to be the best salesperson in the luxury waterfront metropolis.

Sharelle is dead focused on making her brokerage the dominant force in Tampa real estate; and she isn’t going to let anybody or anything stand in her way. Alexis Williams, Anne-Sophie Petit, Colony Reeves, Juawana Williams; Karla Giorgio, Rena Frazier, and Tennille Moore are among the cast members.

Netflix debuted the official trailer for the new spin-off this week, giving fans a taste of what’s to come in the first season. The Allure agents can all agree that Sharelle is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her ambitions for the office; which begin on December 15.

“I’m closing deals in heels.”

In the trailer, Colony claims, “Two years ago, Sharelle was already killing it in the real estate game. The word about her starting her own brokerage, it was a hot topic. I had to be a part of it.” But what good is a reality programme if there isn’t any drama? The teaser then goes on to tease potential feuds that may develop throughout the course of the season.

Rena seemed to be debating whether or not to leave Allure and start her own company. Rena can be heard saying, “I’ve been really toying with the idea of starting my own brokerage and going out on my own”. The ladies of Allure are all serving tough looks, designer labels, and beautiful clothing; while Christine Quinn is acclaimed as the most glamorous agent on Selling Sunset.

Sharelle can be seen crying on the phone with her fiancé, former NFL star Chad Johnson, after learning of her pregnancy. One agent extols the virtues of Tampa’s flourishing real estate market. While shopping for the latest outfits, the Allure agents say, “I’m closing deals in heels.”

Despite their minor squabbles, the ladies appear to be on the same page; when it comes to selling luxury properties and ensuring that Allure receives the reputation it deserves in the market. Sharelle takes a firm and direct approach with her agents, letting them know that if they aren’t happy, they can quit.

A new face in real estate is asserting its position in the industry, with Selling Tampa on the horizon. Viewers will tune in to watch what kind of competition the Tampa agents will bring to the WeHo real estate agents. The spin-off is guaranteed to attract new fans thanks to the trailer’s sass and sophistication.

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