Netflix Adds Last Minute Disclaimer On Stranger Things S4 After Texas School Shooting

Netflix Adds Last Minute Disclaimer On Stranger Things S4 After Texas School Shooting

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1, the upcoming season is said to be the darkest one yet. The season premieres on May 27 at midnight after the 3-year-long break. But Netflix has now added a new content warning to the latest season.

The streaming service added the last-minute disclaimer to the first episode of the season because of the Texas school shooting incident. This led to the death of 21 people including 19 children.

A Netflix spokesperson revealed that they decided to add the card after the events of the tragedy and because the opening scene is graphic. This change was announced less than a week after the first episode was released. The first episode is said to have graphic images of dead children at the Hawkins lab.

However, the streaming giant has removed the sneak peek. As per a source, they filmed the season of Stranger Things a year ago. But due to the recent tragic events at the school in Texas, people might think the opening scene is distressing.

The content warning will include the following disclaimer, “We are deeply saddened by this unspeakable violence, and our hearts go out to every family mourning a loved one.”

On top of this, Netflix has also added another note after editing the episode 1 description. The note says, “Warning: Contains graphic violence involving children.” The first episode of the show will be released worldwide on Friday, May 27. This season reportedly will open with a telekinetic massacre that will include the depiction of many children who are dead and covered in blood.

After the tragic Uvalde shooting, Lifetime has also postponed the release of their TV movie, The Bad Seed Returns. The plot revolves around a murderous high school student. CBS has also pulled the last season of FBI which has a storyline involving a student’s possible involvement in a robbery.

The fourth season of Stranger Things will be premiering exclusively on Netflix on Friday, May 27.

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