NELK Boys To Recruit First Ever Female Member But Fans Are Not Happy News

NELK Boys To Recruit First Ever Female Member But Fans Are Not Happy

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September 29, 2021

Is the new-member season going on! With Viral YouTuber MrBeast onboarding two new members for his content collective and FaZe Clan adding a new member as well, this season doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

It’s the turn of the NELK Boys now to recruit a new member to their team! But wait a second… they are the NELK ‘Boys’ but have revealed their plan to recruit the ever female crew member.

NELK Boys rose to fame with their funny prank videos in which the crew was seen playing pranks on the public. However, their content gradually shifted more towards general topics and lifestyle relate videos.

Adding A NELK Girl To The Squad

Until now, there was no woman talent in their team, at least on-camera. On September 28, NELK Boys decided to change that.

NELK Boys official Instagram handle posted a recruitment which read “Adding a NELK girl to the squad.”

So what are the requirements to be the first NELK Girl? According to the Instagram post, “Being hot is definitely important but we’re actually looking for a girl who’s f**king funny and can help us pull off epic pranks!”

The potential candidates were also asked yo tag NELK Boys in a 1-minute video talking about why they should be the first NELK Girl.

The Downfall Of NELK

Keeping all of this aside, fan reactions were a major concern. The fans of the all-boys crew did not seem impressed with their decision to add a female member to the gang.

“For the love of God don’t do this,” commented one user, while another thinks it as “the downfall of NELK.”

Other fans were also seen commenting something along the unhappiness line. Comments such as “this sh*t is going downhill quick” or that “there’s no way this goes well,” were seen everywhere under the post.