FaZe Clan Officially Has A New Member – Find Out Who

FaZe Clan has officially onboarded a new member. It seems like it is ‘new member season’ for major content collectives as YouTuber MrBeast also signed two new members for his YouTube collective recently.

FaZe Clan was caught in a lot of drama this year after some of their members were involved in ‘Save The Kids’ cryptocurrency scandal.

After the scandal came to light, FaZe Clan suspended Kay, Teeqo, Jarvis, and Nikan. However, since then Teeqo has been reinstated to the organization in a ‘big announcement’ that he made.

Now we have a new member inside FaZe Clan and it is the famous DJ and Producer Kaysan.

FaZe Kaysan has some really cool Call of Duty gameplay streams out there on the internet.

DJ, Gamer, And Producer

“FaZe Clan has always supported artists and we have always believed in the crossover between music, lifestyle and gaming,” FaZe Clan founding members FaZe Rain and FaZe Temperrr said in the announcement video.

“We are super excited about this next move. One of the hardest grinders out there Kaysan outworks most as a DJ, gamer and producer/artist.”

What Did FaZe Kaysan Say?

“I’ve been playing video games forever, so joining FaZe is a dream come true,” says FaZe Kaysan.

“Because this process has been underway for nearly a year, I’ve become so close to this crew — they’re like family to me. As both a gamer and an artist, I couldn’t be more grateful for FaZe believing in me and supporting both of my passions equally. Can’t wait for everyone to hear the music!”


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