Necro – Rise To Fame

Necro is an American rapper, filmmaker, songwriter, and record producer. He has been active in the music industry since 1987 and has accomplished great feats in the world of hip-hop.

This amazing hip-hop legend was performing live across cities while he was just 11 years old. He started playing instruments when he was 10. Today’s Rise to Fame will walk you through Necro’s career as a hip-hop musician and how he became what he is today.

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    Early Life

    He was born on June 7, 1976, in New York, Brooklyn. Necro’s original birth name is Ron Raphael Braunstein. His ancestors are from Israel and Romania.

    Necro’s father was a Romanian-Israeli soldier and his mother Baal teshuva. He also has an elder brother, rapper Ill Bill.

    Necro lived eight years in Glenwood houses before moving to Canarsie.

    Stage Name – Mad Mooney To Necro

    When Necro was ten years old, he began practising music. He has been playing instruments since then. At the age of 11, he joined the death metal band called Injustice.

    Choosing a stage name for himself, Ron Rapahel decided his stage name to be ‘Mad Mooney’. He performed in a demo battle contest on Bobbito show as Mad Moooney and won the contest.h

    However, Mad Mooney did not stay his stage name for long. He changed his stage name to Necro inspired by the song ‘Slayer’.

    Producing Hip-Hop Beats

    Being a self-learned musician, Necro began developing hip-hop beats and mixing vocals to create rap songs. He bought an Ensoniq EPS in 1991. Necro has achieved mastery in a rap subgenre called horrorcore. However, he is also excellent in rap-metal style music and a combination of rap and death metal music.

    Necro’s musical skills landed him the opportunity to develop beats in independent singles of artists like Non-Phixion, Cage, Krist, and Missing Linx.

    In about 1993, Necro took a leap of faith and made rap and hip-hop music and started rapping making it his full-time career. He released a demo titled Do The Charles Manson and two years later, he was heard rapping on the Wildman Steve, and DJ Riz Show.

    In 1996, Necro produced his first record that received airplay. It was called “No Tomorrow” by Non-Phixion.

    Debut Song And Independent Record Label

    Rapper Necro set up his own record label by the name of Psycho+Logical-Records in New York in the year 1999. The first song which the label produced was Necro’s debut solo I Want Drugs. Necro’s record label went on to produce debut solo albums of now well-known artists.

    Necros’ first band was Injustice formed in 1986, with him playing the guitar. His best performing rap songs include Keep on Driving, No Remorse, Push it to the Limit, The Most Sadistic, Keep on Driving, and more.

    Necro also premiered in a short video film titled, Triumph Of The Kill acting the role of a serial killer clown. The short film was premiered on YouTube and MySpace.


    Since Necro was a child he had been travelling places to showcase his music skills. In 2007, Necro was invited to the Download Festival at Donnington. Other groups he has opened for are Run DMC, Sepultura, Insane Clown Posse, and Beatnuts.

    Necro’s rap shows in New York were sold out like hot cakes in venues like Brownie’s, Wetlands, and The Knitting Factory. He was also a featured artist on Rock The Bells tour in 2009. The tour took place across locations in New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, and more.

    He was also invited to be a part of the Juggalo March on Washington in early 2017 which he accepted.


    Just as the majority of the rappers, Necro is not completely free of controversial behaviour. In 2009 when Necro was in Perth, Australia, he landed himself in trouble with the local police authorities.

    Necro was fined a sum of $3,000 for breaking the jaw of a man. Necro was arrested from his hotel room. He even had to cancel his music show that was scheduled at Perth’s Hyde Paek Hotel.

    Necro was sued by American singer-songwriter Ani Difranco for sampling her song named Used to You for his album titled DIE! in 2010. Necro’s album was removed following this lawsuit from iTunes and Amazon stores. He re-released the album without the track later on.

    With all that Necro has done and achieved in his career, the rapper is eyeing bigger things going ahead that will not only shatter in personal records but will also give a cut-throat competition to other musicians in the industry.

    Watch Necro’s Complete Journey To Fame


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