NBA Fans Not Happy With Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins Ratings In NBA 2K23

NBA 2K season will launch on September 8th, and several details regarding the game have already been revealed through leaks. We already know that the game this year will have a variety of new modes, including the updated MyNBA “Eras” option, where players will probably use the in-game rosters.

Ratings are obviously a crucial component of the release cycle for video games. NBA 2K didn’t formally announce ratings, but all of the game’s leaked footage have already revealed what rankings some teams and individuals will have.

The fact that Russell Westbrook is ranked 78 overall has already incited a riot among Laker supporters, but what about the Warriors, the current champions?

The ratings of the Golden State Warriors players were also made public, and the team’s supporters feel that the ratings have been disrespectful to the defending champions.

Fans Are Enraged:

A tweet by WarriorsMuse on Twitter reveals the ratings for the top Golden State Warriors players:

  • Stephen Curry – 96
  • Jordan Poole – 83
  • Klay Thompson – 83
  • Andrew Wiggins – 84
  • Draymond Green – 83

Fans believe the ratings are unfair and took to twitter to express their disappointment:

“wiggins is way too low”

“Curry should be 97 bro”

“2K ratings are trash once again”

“they tryna make it seem like curry did it by himself”

Overalls in video games shouldn’t always be taken so seriously as to represent what occurs in the actual game played on the court. But the only area where you can watch players receive thorough statistics that can be contrasted with those of other teams in the league is in video games.

Many people understandably want Andrew Wiggins to get a better overall rating in the game because he far exceeded expectations throughout the playoffs. Because of his outstanding defence in those two series against the Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics, Wiggins was essential to the Warriors’ victories against both teams.

Klay Thompson has demonstrated that he was impacted by his ageing talent and relearning the game after two years of injuries, so his ranking shouldn’t be very contentious. It is disappointing to see Draymond Green ranked where he is considering that he was a DPOY candidate and an All-Star. 96 will be an entirely fair rating for Curry, the current Finals MVP, whether he wins the game’s MVP award or is tied for it with another player.


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